Good boy

by Molly Moore
Hand in medical glove with lube on the fingers for post called good boy

The prompt for Kink of the Week is Prostate Play. It is not something I have any real experience in and not something I feel particularly drawn to but if a partner of mine wanted to explore it, then that might be different. However that doesn’t make for a blog post on the topic so I decided it was an opportunity to pen some femdom fiction featuring a good boy.

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You are such a good boy for me. I like it when you do as you told, like today, for example.

The message I sent you on my way home read

Be naked on the bed. Use the under-bed restraints and attach the ankle cuffs. I will be back at exactly 1pm. Be ready.

And you were.

I smile at you as I walk into the room and find you just as I directed. Completely naked, ankles keeping your legs apart. You are not helpless though. Not yet anyway. Your hands are free and so all you have you do if you wanted to get away is sit up and undo the Velcro on each cuff.

But you wouldn’t do that would you? Because that wouldn’t make you a good boy would it?

Just to be sure though. I wouldn’t want you to be tempted.

You smile up at me as I gently take each of your wrists and attach the wrist cuffs. First one and then I walk round the foot of the bed and do the other. You cock shifts ever so slightly as blood starts to fill that rope of flesh the hangs between your thighs. I stand and watch, my eyes flitting from your face to your dick. You shift awkwardly beneath my gaze

“I wonder how long I would have to stand here just staring at you helpless before me to get you fully hard”

You whimper, or is it a sigh? I know the answer, but today is not about that it is about something else entirely.

I grab the wedge pillow from under the bed.

“Lift your hips” I direct

Like a good boy you do as I say and I place the wedge beneath you. Now you are help up in the air, your cock falls up your body and if I am not mistaken you are even harder than you were a moment ago.

“What is going on?” you ask?

“Exactly what you asked for” I respond

“Ummm, which is?”

“Did you forget?” I reply as I rummage through my bag of supplies and place them out on the floor at my feet. I could have put them on the bed beside you but I don’t want you to know. Not just yet.

“I guess, I mean it could be”

I interrupt you

“A number of things?” I look at you quizzically before carrying on

“Are you admitting you may have asked for a lot of things good boy?”

You kind of shrug in response, a little shy grin playing across your lips. It quickly disappears when I pinch a tiny bit your flesh on your inner thigh between my thumb and forefinger

“Is that how you reply to my questions?”

“No Miss”

The little hiss at the end of miss makes my cunt twitch. Oh I do like it when you suffer for me.

On the floor at my feet I have 3 things. Some medical gloves, lube and a brand new sex toy. To be precise a brand new PleX from Hot Octopuss. It was your idea. One of oh so many you have shared with me in your eagerness to try new things. I have made a list, a spreadsheet actually, noting down all the sweet little details you share with me. Keeping a record of all your wants so I can use them against you in the future. Like now.

I slip on the gloves. You twist on the bed trying to see what I am doing. I love the thought of your frustration. For a moment I just kneel on the floor and fiddle with my supplies, making you wait just a little bit longer.

Your eyes immediately travel to my hands when I finally get back to my feet. I watch your face as you take in the scene before you. The look in your eyes when you finally look up at me makes me smile so much. I can see that look, the one I love to inspire, want and fear all at the same time. Maybe fear is too strong a word, maybe it is apprehension, nerves, whatever it is I can see the discomfort in you and that makes my kinky heart sing.

I pump the bottle of lube a few times coating the fingers on my right hand liberally with the clear liquid.

“Wait? What?” you stammer

“Shhh” I croon at you as I settle on the end of the bed between your thighs. I stroke up the inside of your thigh with my other hand. A comforting reassuring touch.

“It’s OK. You want this”

“Do I?” you respond, a little questioning laugh trailing off.

I don’t bother answering. Well not with words. I watch your face as I smear some of the lube across the opening of your tight arse. You tug a little on the ankle cuffs. I am not sure if it is reflex at the sensation or you testing your bonds but either way they will not give you up.

I start to apply pressure, just a single finger still in a circular motion but pushing into your hole now. You groan a little and your cock lurches to one side as you grow harder. I take my time, slow, firm, I want you to be so ready for me, I want you to want it.

“Ask me like a good boy” I finally say

There is a pause, I wait. It’s OK. I know you. I know you want this

“Please” is all you manage in the end and it is all I need.

My finger slides into you, you are tight but also the massaging has helped, and you give way to me fairly easily. The sound you make though, oh I wish I had recorded it so I could play it back and listen to that sweet sound over and over. Maybe even rub myself to orgasm while I do.

I work my finger further into you, exploring, probing. Adding more lube as I go until eventually I find that sweet spot up inside you and there is that noise again. A cross between a groan and a moan and I can feel my wetness coating my knickers. Your cock dances and twitches, as I gently massage your prostate. You cock is rock hard now, jutting out from your body pointing up towards your chest and the head glistened with pre-cum.

You eyes are closed, brow furrowed in concentration as you focus on the sensations. Fuck me you look so hot like this. Giving yourself to me, trusting in me. I have to use all my will power not to straddle you and lower my aching cunt down on you and take you like this, tied, exposed, mine. My good boy. But that is not the plan. Not this time anyway.

You don’t notice me reaching for the toy so lost in how what I am doing feels. I balance it on the bed between your legs and apply lube to the head, all the time continuing to probe your arse with my gloved up finger.

Your eyes flutter open as I withdraw my finger. You look almost drunk, a soft woozy smile on your lips which slowly turns to a open mouth gasp as I press the head of the toy up against you and push. My finger has made you open and ready but the toy is bigger than a single digit and so I ease it slowly into you until the base is finally nestled against your arse.

The whole time your eyes are on me. Watching my face. I smile up at you as I turn the toy on, the rumble of its vibrations do nothing to mask the words you stammer out

“Ohhhh. My God.”

And I know this is it, you are so close, your cock is so hard you just need…

Taking your cock in my gloved lubed hand I apply slow long strokes watching in delight as your senses overwhelm you and growl and groan and finally cry out. Great white ribbons of your juices spew all over my gloved hand and your stomach. I ease the toy out of you and snap the gloves off. You breath is just starting to settle as I climb up onto the bed and stand over you. I lift up my skirt, slide the gusset of my knickers to one side and stand astride your head.

Be a good boy” is all I say as I lower my cunt to your mouth.

And you are, like always, such a very good boy for me.

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William August 26, 2022 - 3:28 am

Reading this story brings back memories from pro-COVID times when I was involved in somewhat more regular prostate play. The story brings back sensations of desire to restart prostate play with my wife and poly partners on a somewhat regular basis.

Prostate play August 27, 2022 - 9:01 pm

[…] some prostate play in my near future, but if there isn’t there will always be the reminder of fictional stories about prostate […]

Sexilicious Ash August 28, 2022 - 5:27 am

Oh, my! This is such a hot story!


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