On the Right Foot

by Molly Moore

I love the summer or at least when the weather gets warm enough that people start to strip off. I know lots of people are all about the little vest tops, short shorts and summer dresses, all that extra flesh to see and admire but for me what I love that girls discard their tights and socks and get out their pretty little feet.

All those sandals and flip-flops that show off cute little toes with colourful nail polish from baby pink to vibrant red with a few blues, blacks and greens thrown into the mix too and the delicious little anklets that sit around the top of their feet and those fucking toe rings. Those toe rings make my dick fucking hard. I don’t know why, there is just something about the way they look around those stubby little toes that just gets me every time I see one.

The joy of having a thing about feet though is that you can get away with looking at them without anyone accusing you of being some sort of pervert. In fact you can even take pictures. I am not like those up skirt guys trying to see something they shouldn’t. Now those are some sickos for sure. No I am only looking and admiring what is plainly on show for all to see and photograph.

There are lots of feet on the internet. Lots of girls who know that men like me exist and are happy to provide us with pictures and videos of their glorious tootsies. There is one lady on Instagram who I love and also a couple of cam girls who I visit now and then but I have to admit that it is not quite the same as the real thing, in the flesh so to speak. The pictures on the internet, well they are meant for me, the ones I take out in the wild, well there is something innocent about them which makes them all the hotter. You still have to be careful obviously, girls can be touchy about this stuff but it is fairly easy to take pictures of women’s feet without them having any idea. Although the toe rings, which are my favourite often work in my favour because if you ask a girl if you can take a picture of her feet because you love her toe ring and want to show your girlfriend. Well they tend to be awfully obliging then, some even take their sandals off and pose for you. Never dreaming that there is no girlfriend and that I am going to wank over their feet when I get home.

Last summer was my best one yet though. I was down at the seafront and sat on one of the benches looking out over the beach. I had been along the beach looking for some pretty feet but it was mainly kids and that is so not my thing. Suddenly out of nowhere this girl flops down on the bench next to me, slips her feet out of her shoes and places them up on the railings right in front of me. I glance around at her and she is eating an ice-cream and looking at her phone. Her feet are right there in front of me, her toes curling slightly round the iron fence. She has painted toenails, they are a bright fushia pink and her nails are neat and the perfect size on each of her dainty little toes and on the foot closet to me she is wearing a toe ring on her second toe. I have to shift slightly in my seat in order to get my phone out of my pocket but at the same ease my sweater which is on the bench next to me over my lap to try to disguise the throbbing erection that was growing in my shorts.

When I took a couple of picture she immediately put her feet assuming I was taking pictures of the view

“Sorry, my feet must be in the way” she said

“Oh no, not at all. Please…” And I indicated at the railings offering them back to her.

Much to my relief she obliged and swung them back up onto the rail and went back to peering into her phone.

I lent back against the bench and held the phone as if I too was looking at something on it too but what I actually did was zoom my camera in a bit and take a series of images of her feet from slightly different angles all the why trying to make sure my excitement over this opportunity was not obvious and then I did something I had never done before and was pressed the record button on my camera.

I almost dropped my phone when she hopped up from her seat. I don’t what I was expecting, a cheery goodbye maybe, but clearly she had been paying me absolutely no mind at all which was definitely not the case for me where she was concerned. I watched her with a mixture of sadness but also relief that I had got away with it.

I went straight home. Resisting the urge to look at my phone the whole way. I sat on the bus the remains of my erection still somewhat present inside my pants and willed the traffic to hurry up. Once home I plugged my phone straight into my laptop and downloaded all the pictures and the video. I flicked through the pictures quickly and then it was time for the video. I had not idea if I had captured anything or if it was in focus. My hands shook a little bit as I clicked the play button

And there they were on the screen, her perfectly delectable feet propped up on those railings with the sunlight shining down on them making the toe ring glint in the light. I unzipped my fly and let my re-energized erection of out pants. It sat hard and heavy in the palm of my hand and as the video played on my screen I stroked it up and down. Christ her feet were perfect, I thought about what they might feel like on my dick, what they might smell like on my face, what they might taste like in my mouth and then she did this thing with her toes where she curled them up tight around the bar on the railings almost as if she was holding on with her toes and my cock erupted in my hand. It was the most erotic fucking thing I had seen in a long time, maybe forever.

Since then I have worked out how to still that shot and print it out. I have had to print it on multiple occasions thought because I keep getting come on it. I went back to the seafront lots last summer but I never saw her again and despite getting plenty of pictures of lovely feet none of them have ever been as perfect as her.

But it is summer again now and summer is my season and I am determined to try and add to my video collection. I just got to find the right girl in the right place.

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Cara Thereon April 25, 2018 - 1:17 am

Man, this story. You tell it so you realize he’s creepy, but because it’s feet he has you convinced it’s not as bad as up-skirt shots. Well done

Posy Churchgate April 25, 2018 - 8:36 am

Is it odd that I don’t think this is creepy? I mean it is a little and if it were other bits of the body Hell Yes! But I sort of agree that if you display your feet for all to see, then they aren’t private any more. Hmm, I need to think about my stance on this a bit more … But it is a very vivid story and one which I enjoyed, thanks for sharing.

Marie Rebelle April 25, 2018 - 6:10 pm

Oh my, this is totally creepy, and then it’s not. The idea of him taking those photos and then using them to masturbate… I think it’s because they don’t know, right? But then it makes me wonder, how many times are we all oblivious of what is going on around us? And what you don’t know cannot hurt you, right?
This story is very well written. It gives you an uneasy feeling and then you still have some sympathy for him. Well done!

Rebel xox

Floss April 25, 2018 - 8:38 pm

Oh I LOVE this! I was never a foot fetishist and then I was. I love erotica that involves feet. I also enjoy my feet being looked at and complimented, in a way that I sometimes find intrusive with other body parts. So even though I get that his behaviour is maybe a bit dubious, I also kind of get it. Fab stuff x

Jo April 26, 2018 - 1:32 am

I always wonder in what ways people are secretly perving all around me that I don’t notice. I think most people secretly stare (or listen) and fantasize at times but stop at taking photos (or audio recordings) without others’ consent. I love reading fictional first person narratives written in someone else’s voice – well done!

Julie April 27, 2018 - 6:22 pm

I guess this is about where people watching ends and very odd, creepy behaviour comes in. But I wonder who I am to judge?

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Brigit Delaney May 1, 2018 - 1:46 pm

They’ve had such an intimate encounter (one-sided, of course), and when she gets up to leave, thinking nothing of it, I actually felt his utter surprised disappointment. I wonder how often things like that actually happen, where we feel a connection with someone, and the other is completely unaware. So many stories in that concept.


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