Unmarked bottom, peachy arse

The last few Kink of the Week topics have all been subjects that have given me plenty to write about; Floggers, Canes and Marks to name just some but this week that is all changed with the topic of Singletails on the agenda. For me a Singletail means a long single braided stretch of leather that unfurls when used, however it does appear that some people include dressage or horse whips in this group, if so then we do have one of those but I have decided that they are a separate topic for another time. (What do you think Jade?)

So for the purpose of this piece I have decided to stick to my idea of a singletail whip and the short story on that is we don’t have one. I can’t say that I feel it is something particularly missing from our arsenal of hitty things and yet I am curious. I wonder what it must be like to stand and hear that monster approaching your defenceless skin. The skill required to get that strike just right takes practise, dedication, and a willingness to learn. Knowing that potentially he would do all that to be able to give me that experience sends a little shiver down my spine and in return I would have to trust in his skill because I have seen a singletail go wrong and it resulted in someone having a large open gash down the centre of their forehead that took weeks to heal and fade. I might be a total marks whore but I really have no desire to have my skin spilt open with one swift flick of the wrist and yet…. as I write this I can’t help but let my mind wander to that actually happening (NOT on my forehead mind you) and not by a mistake. I wonder about the heat, the sting, the flood of pain as my body reacts and the blood dripping and… so my mind slips away into the darkness of my kink, a place that used to scare me but now somewhere I feel comfortable visiting and toying mentally with the extreme edges that lurk there.

When I pointed out to Sir this weeks topic and commented that I didn’t have anything to write because ‘we don’t have one’ he replied with ‘Not yet we don’t and I suspect you do have something to write’ (Damn him for being correct) Oh and when I bemoaned not having an image to go with the topic, because you know me I must have an image, he said…. “Sure you do. Post one of your arse not marked and then sit and image what it would like if we did have a singletail”

Unmarked bottom, peachy arse

* I very nearly muttered ‘promises, promises, in reply to his statement but I have learnt that this is always a mistake and so I simply did as he suggested because I am a good girl I am!


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Jade July 27, 2013 - 11:01 pm

Molly, Molly, Molly…what’s that saying? Be careful what you wish for? I think your Sir’s “Post an unmarked pic and imagine…” IS a promise.

And yes, please tell him that *I* am imagining it! ~wicked grin~

Oh, and yes, you are correct: buggy and dressage whips will have to wait for another KOTW! 🙂

inner-grace August 8, 2013 - 8:00 pm

I very recently had my first experience of a single tail, yes there was the crack to put fear into me and of course the burning sting. We never got as far as blood but did he get me to that lovely floaty place . . . of course he did!

When you get to be on the end of your first single tail, I just know you will love it

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