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Star burst in sky over mans shoulder

It seems that my photography is starting to attract some small amount of attention within my local kink community. A couple of months ago I was asked by one person if I would be interested in taking some images for their profile on Fetlife. They were not the first person to have approached me and I already had tentative plans with a number of friends but in the end this person became the first simply because our free time to do this just happened to work out.

This was, and still is a new challenge to me; photographing other people. I am used to working with me as the model and the photographer. It is definitely an acquired skill and when you are working in that way, things take a great deal longer, as you have to set up the shot, take practice shots, return to the camera to look at them and so on and all before you have even taken off a single piece of clothing. Working with a model that is not yourself does make things a lot quicker but it also presents other challenges. Obviously that person comes to you with ideas and certain things they would like their images to show or portray and it is your job as the photographer to try to work with them to create something that they like and (this is quite important in my opinion) have a really good time in the process.

On this occasion though there was an added challenge as my subject was a man.

Apart from @domsigns I have never really photographed a man. I knew he wanted to project a dominant air in his images and that showing his face was not something he was comfortable with. We talked outfits, possible locations and he mentioned some of my images that is particularly liked all of which helped to give me some ideas but how they would actually turn out I had no idea. As I said, I know what I am doing when the subject matter is me but converting that knowledge into working with someone else was a real unknown to me.

Despite me being unsure about my ability to do this I was actually really rather pleased with the results. I really enjoyed working with someone else and in particular having the opportunity to work with a male subject to produce some images that have a very different feel to my own self portraiture.

Man in black kilt standing on tree trunkI like the voyeuristic element to this, as the viewer we are made to feel like we are hiding.

Man in wood wearing hunters kilt with chain wrapped round his fistI have come to the conclusion that it is very tough to convey ‘male dominance’ in photography without straying into a whole host of cliches. I do like this one though, I feel it has a strong ‘hunter’ feel to it.Man hunting in woodsAnother one that suggests we are secretly watching.

Man with knifeI really like this one. I have to thank @Evernew for humouring me with this shot. I know he was unsure about knife play but let me play around with some ideas I had anyway and although he has decided not to use this image for now, he is happy for me to do so.

Male silhouhette against blue skyHowever my favourite of all is this one. I think it is a really strong image and certainly fit the brief I was given as it showed off Evernew without him having to reveal his face but more than that I just think it is a truly excellent shot. I really like the way the bits of damp in the trees are picked out by the sunlight and appear as little sparkles in the tree and the silhouette of both Evernew and the trees are really strong and clear.

Star burst in sky over mans shoulderAnd it has been really fun image to play with and create some different edits all of which I think work well.

Dark silhouette image if man holding beltWe actually took a lot more than just these few images but these were definitely the best of the crop and didn’t show too much face.

I seem to have caught the bug for photographing other people and since this outing I have done 2 more with other people, that I plan to post here soon for you to enjoy. I also have a few more scheduled which will help me to build a portfolio of work and gain more experience, as well getting great images that people are pleased with, with the view to creating a ‘Outdoor Portrait Photography Experience’ that might help to towards keeping my kids in shoes and clothes!

On the note, if you would be interested in having your picture taken, live within day traveling distance of Hertfordshire in the UK and are OK with a bit of walking and being brave outdoors, then get in touch and lets talk.


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  • Marie Rebelle

    I love that you are expanding your experience and skills and hope that soon you will be earning your money with this wonderful talent of yours!

    Lovely photos, especially the knife and the last ones 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • f dot leonora

    i think your sheer love for the craft would naturally draw people to you and make them comfortable with you. you have such an eye, and i am glad you are able to do more of what you love…

  • Flip

    The knife shot, for me, evokes the deepest response from me, although his silhouette with the belt is also pretty powerful

    Flip x

  • John

    I love the kilt … and the knife.

    Hmmm! 😉

  • Kristina Lloyd

    Beautiful, beautiful pics! I particularly like the image with the chain. The forest backdrop looks so eerie and menacing, like something from a dark fairy tale. And, oh, there’s a baddie on the loose! Gorgeous colours too – and a nice pair of pins!

  • Serafina

    Wow! you are seeing nice and strong images and capturing them very well!

  • TheSinDoll

    I’ve always wanted to be good at photography. I usually take a million pictures and end up with four usable ones. I’ve always enjoyed the view from which you photograph and are photographed.

  • Penny

    These are awesome Molly! I especially love the last shot, and I LOVE the comic book style edit you added to it. If I were closer I would be nagging you about doing a shoot! 😉

  • Mia

    Very nicely done!! I think you have a second income line here!! Best of luck with it.

    ~Mia~ xx

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