Sweet Saturday

by Molly Moore
Dark bruise on Molly's thigh you can just see her pubes between her legs for post about sweet saturday

“Oh my sweet Saturday,
I have been waiting for you for six long days”
― Charmaine J Forde

It is not secret round here that I LOVE Fridays. They are definitely my favourite day of the week and have been for a long as I can remember. I think it stems from school days. I hated school and Friday meant it was finally over for a couple of days. It meant you could go home and not have to do your homework that evening as you had all weekend to complete. We always got a takeaway on a Friday night, always a curry. I would go with my Dad in the car to collect it. He would wait outside and I would go in and pay the money and collect it. They would always give me a free popadum if I had to wait, so I was always keen to get my Dad out the door so there was more chance of that happened.

We would then eat said curry in front of the TV and watch Murder She Wrote. To this day when I hear the distinct theme tune music to that show I have a slight Pavlovian response and want to eat a curry. Friday nights also meant staying up later and going to bed not dreading the next day. Of course when I got older Friday nights meant going out and when I had my kids, well it kind of started over again with take away dinners and TV and staying up later.

However a close runner up to Fridays has to be Saturdays, particularly Saturday mornings. Saturdays have become time for Michael and I to really enjoy each others uninterrupted company and we both love it. It is time for us to just spend being us. In the summer we go to the car boot and have brunch at our favourite cafe, or we walk into town and buy something yummy for dinner or go to the charity shop for a little perusal. We also tend to just stay in bed later on Saturdays Enjoying waking up together, snuggling and being close without any time pressures.

This morning that turned into more than snuggling. He had actually got up and gone downstairs to let out the dog but then he was back and I was teasing him about something. Next thing I know he was off out the room and returned moments later with an acrylic cane in his hand and set about my thigh with it. I will admit at first it hurt like hell, that motherfucking thing is MEAN and so is the man using it when he wants to be but fairly quickly I found myself sinking into the sensation even more so when I looked down and could see the beginnings of a bruise already starting to emerge.

Then he told me to reach for me new toy and I ended up laying back with my head off the side of the bed sucking him off while I made myself come with it. Review coming soon but short version. I only got it this toy last week and much to my surprise have used it multiple times to get myself off.

The picture above I took this afternoon. As you can see that bruise will do nicely thank you very much and the one below; I took that moments after we have collapsed back onto the bed together with the taste of his cum still lingering on my tongue and my cunt still twitching from my own orgasm and I knew it was the perfect image to share for this weeks Sinful Sunday where the prompt of Simple Pleasure. Just the two of us, enjoying each other, simple and pleasurable.

Sweet Saturday indeed

Michaels arm wrapped round Mollys bare thigh with sex toy resting on his arm and a bruise on her thigh right by his thumb for a post about sweet saturday
Sinful Sunday badge pink lips with the words Sinful Sunday on them

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Modesty Ablaze May 7, 2023 - 8:07 pm

Beautiful Molly … sounds like the perfect Saturday lie-in to me!!!

Xxx – K

Bee May 8, 2023 - 7:31 pm

Saturday’s are definitely my favourite day, starting with a long lay in, then curling up on the sofa in the sun with a good book before a filthy afternoon followed by dinner somewhere or a takeaway…bliss!


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