How I met your Father

by Molly Moore

The prompt this week on Revelations is Stay up all night. I have been toying with this little piece on my head for a few days now. It is definitely more romance than filth. Maybe I have been reading to many romances with impossible ‘meet cutes’ and this is the result, but I like it. Also one day I am totally gonna do the mile high orgasm, maybe not with a stranger but who knows….


A bright shaft of sunlight bursts across the cabin of the plane. I press my face to the small window, blue skies with pretty fluffy white clouds greet me and sunlight, bright glowing sunlight, that is slowly rising into the sky.

“We stayed up all night” I say as I look back into the air-plane and up into his handsome face.

“Oops” he chuckles

“Yeah, oops.” I agree settling back into my seat with a sigh

“I don’t regret it” he says and I turn to look at him again.

He has dark brown eyes, so dark it is hard to distinguish the iris from the pupil and a five o’clock shadow of stubble decorates his dark skin. I find myself almost reaching up to touch him with my finger tips but suddenly I feel shy.

“I don’t regret it either” I finally reply.

“Good” he says and presses his head back into the seat.

The plane slowly makes its descends towards to the airport. The cabin staff bustle around, taking away peoples rubbish, and encouraging everyone to make the seats upright. We both still have our seatbelts on and when she comes past to check I have to move the blanket to show her. She smiles at me and I find myself blushing. Could she know?

When she is gone I glance down and he has moved his hand onto the rest in-between us, palm facing up. Is he offering to hold my hand?

I glance up his face, his eye catch mine and he smiles.

I slide my hand into his. Our fingers entwine. We fit perfectly.

He draws his hand up to his mouth and kisses the back of my hand and then breathes. “I can smell you,” he mumbles against my skin. “On my fingers”

I blush again and glance over the aisle to the nearest passenger but he has headphones in.

Something about the broad bright daylight then I filling the cabin seems to have made us both quiet. We have spent the last nearly 8 hours taking, laughing, whispering to one another while everyone around us slept. We both should have slept too but somehow we never got round to it, 8 hours seemed to vanish and now here we were both with full days ahead and no sleep behind us.

I might not regret staying up all night now but I had a feeling that at some point this afternoon in the meetings I had scheduled that might change.

He held my hand all the way only finally letting go when everyone started getting up from their seats. The next thing I knew we were striding up the walkway into the airport carried along by our fellow passengers and then queuing and fumbling with passports and before I knew it he was through and away and I was still waiting.

I finally made it to baggage collection. I tried finding him but there was my bag circling round and so many people and before I knew it I was heading out into arrivals on my own. My eyes felt dry and gritty in that way they do when you have not slept enough, or even at all in my case and in my mouth a sour taste lurked. I looked around for him, searching. He must be here. He wouldn’t go without me, would he?

My phone buzzed in my pocket.

“Look up” the message said.

And there he was, on the level above me, looking down at me waving and smiling.

I headed for the steps. Wanting to be back with him. This intriguing, interesting, sexy, man. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him standing at the top of the steps smiling down at me.

“Hey” he said “Sorry I lost you there for moment.”

“No worries” I said.

“Wanna share a cab?”

I mean I guess but well, we don’t live in the same area

“No we don’t but I just called in sick to work and well I thought maybe…” he trailed off

“You thought maybe what exactly?” I quizzed him back

“I am sorry, I just thought, you know, maybe. I am sorry if that was too much” he was blushing now, stammering his words

I tried to keep a serious face, make his squirm a moment longer but the smile creeping across my lips was impossible to stop and then I was giggling and relief flooded his face.

“Come on” he directed and we followed the signs together to the taxi rank.

“You know one day we are gonna tell our kids this story” he said as the cab pulled away from the curb

What!?” I replied looking into his eyes.

Yep, we will tell them how we met on a plane. Where sat next to each other both returning from work trips and ended up staying up all night talking rather than sleeping like sensible travellers.”

“Are we now?” I laughed. For a moment I felt like I should be appalled at this suggestion, that it was too much, creepy and presumptuous and I should ask the cab to pull over but then I looked at him again and something just felt right.

“Maybe not the bit about me fingering you under the blanket though and you coming silently into my shoulder. That seems like something they won’t need to know”

“Or us both failing to turn up for work because we went back to your place together? I asked

“Maybe when they are older” he laughed

This man was mad. I was mad. One sleepless night and I had lost my mind.

“Be careful who you sit next to on airplanes” I would warn my kids years later. You might just end up marrying them, was always the ending of the story I would tell them when they asked me how did you and Daddy meet,

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Sore is more May 11, 2023 - 7:45 pm

So sweet! We all need a bit of fluff once in a while, for some balance. *grins


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