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What is wrong with my bum?

close up of mollys bum with bite mark and scratches and bruises

Do you want to know what is wrong with my bum right now?

It does not look like this.

There are no bruises or bite marks, no welts or scratches. Not a hint or trace of them in fact.

It is no one faults. Life just seems to have got in the way recently. My daughter has been home a LOT revising for exams and we have been busy with work and other family commitments and then there is being tired and cold and damn I have not done the laundry or raked up the leaves in the garden and now it is time to start on dinner.

You know what it is like, family, work, house stuff, it all requires time and attention and as a result other stuff gets set aside.

We are luckier than many in that we both work from home and so it possible for us to sneak off for a bit during the day and indulge in the pleasures of each others bodies but a good long play sensation, the type that leaves me exhausted and relaxed and sore, needs more time than that. It is not just the time for the play but I need time afterwards to recover, that might just be cuddles and some food or sometimes I need a full on nap and then there is the preparation time, planning and laying out the kit. That is more down to him than me but it all adds to the time required for such a session.

Time is such bugger of a thing, you think you have all day to get stuff done. You want to fit in a walk and also need to pop to the shops and do a bit of laundry but you have all day right? You get it all done, eventually, but at 11pm at night you are still folding laundry and making a pack lunch for the following day and you fall into bed together and it feels good. Safe and warm and relaxing and you next to one another and talk and read for a bit. The moment for anything more is past and so you sleep.

I am not complaining. We did a bit of wax play last weekend and road tested a new toy for a upcoming review. It was fun and relaxing and yes orgasmic too but I am really yearning for a bit more at the moment. I want to feel my skin burn and my muscle tighten as he beats them. I want the drag of cold steel across my flesh leaving behind red welts with little beads of blood. I want the thud of the flogger and the beat of his fist into my body. I want to climb that mountain of pain and pleasure, working my way up and up until I am floating on the top of it all and then he can rescue me, hold me in his arms, tenderly stroke all the bits that hurt and tell me how brave and beautiful I am and that he loves me so.

The weekend is coming though and there is a rumour that we might get to spend some of it alone and hopefully then we can correct all the things that are wrong with my bottom right now!

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  • Edward Anderson

    Do you find that when life intervenes to delay those most sought after experiences that you enjoy them all the more intensely? I was away from my lady for several days. The ‘carnage’ that resulted from our reunification was magnificent

  • Marie Rebelle

    I hear you loud and clear on life taking over…

    Rebel xox

  • Kayla Lords

    I saw the picture, and thought, “Nothing is wrong with your butt!” until I kept reading, of course. And yes, I know the feeling. We had the one day at the end of October (the first in soooo long) but of course there’s been nothing since, and it’s so frustrating…even though we’re similarly as fortunate. A good long play session would definitely clear my mind. fingers-crossed that you get some time this weekend!

  • Cara Thereon

    Fingers crossed for spankings this coming weekend. We don’t want your bum to be sad!

  • E.L. Byrne

    Another one here hoping for a good spanking session… and soon! Thanks for sharing!

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