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The Butt Plug


Metal butt plug in black velvet boxOne of my regular tasks is to wear my lovely little butt plug every day. It started off as half an hour a day but now I am meant to wear it for as long as I can. Depending on circumstances this can be anything from the required half an hour to 4 or even 5 hours but and here is the thing, for some reason I just keep forgetting to do it. I don’t know why, I just can’t seem to get it into my routine. I wear it one day and then I suddenly realise that 2 or even 3 days have gone by and it’s still sitting in its pretty little velvet box.

This does not happen through any reluctance on my part. I love the feel of it nestled tightly in my arse. I love making it wet and slipping it into me and then admiring the pretty jewelled end in the mirror. I know it makes me pussy tight and wet, and when I am wearing it, it reminds me of him and what I am to him, His slut, His possession, to own and use as he sees fit, but even so I keep forgetting.Metal butt plug with jewel

It’s such a pretty toy don’t you think. It’s made from stainless steel and it fairly heavy but it has been designed well and unlike the glass one it fits just right. Big enough for me to know it’s there but the stem it just the right size, allowing my arse ring to grip it perfectly and hold it in place and of course this is all finished off perfectly with the pretty pink jewel. It always feels cool to the touch and if you put it into the fridge then it will go from cool to cold and once the lube is on it, the hard coldness will slip into me making me gasp and squirm and even though its soooo cold the rest of me seems to instantly heat up.

woman wearing jewel butt plug in her assI am always wet when I have been wearing the plug, but its size and shape seems to make the opening of pussy just that little bit tighter than normal and so it is not until I remove it, that the wetness starts to ooze. I love that feeling, the warm stickiness coating my pussy, leaking out across my clit and lips. I can’t resist running my fingers through it, tasting and licking them clean. I know I am ready for him, if he so chooses.

So why do I keep forgetting? Could it be the secret knowledge that by forgetting I am heading towards a punishment? I remember the punishment for the forgotten emails all too clearly; the memory makes me shiver, am I really wanting that again? Or could it be that wearing it reminds me of Him? Which I know is its purpose, but in fact, for me it just serves to make the longing for his touch almost unbearable. It becomes a constant reminder of what my body needs but what it is, for now, denied. Maybe it’s both or maybe it could just be that I have so far, just failed to make this part of my daily routine; real life causing me to let the days slip by without completing my task, before finally remembering or even worse, being reminded. Whichever it is, I need to get this sorted out, or I suspect the ‘missing emails’ punishment will pale into insignificance in comparison to what may result from this ongoing error.


Ps…As I finish writing this and posting it to my blog you will be delighted to hear that I am wearing the plug. I am a good girl, I am……

Pps….Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take picture of your own arse that do not look like you have joined the circus as some kind of contortionists act?

If you are looking for more helpful tips on wearing a butt plug all day check out my 7 point handy guide – A Shameless Plug

wearing Butt plug in arse

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  • Kendoll

    I have my Lambchop wear one sometimes as well. I tell her when to put it in, how long she has to wear it, when she can take it out. Her ass is so tight, it’s pretty much a medical requirement, for me to then later do what I want to, to her ass.
    Love the photos btw. Appreciate the effort!

    • mollyskiss

      Lucky Lambchop and glad you like my efforts. I shall try to produce some more! LOL

  • LambChop

    a) really pretty plug!
    b) yes, I DO KNOW how hard it is to take that picture!

    • mollyskiss

      TY and LMAOOO. Its amazing what you learn eh?

      • LambChop

        YOUR photos turned out wayyyy better than my last effort, although it appears I’ll be trying again tonight!

  • Butch

    The effort is very much appreciated! Great job!

  • Stephanie

    Can you tell me the brand and type of both butt plugs you mention in your post?



    • mollyskiss

      Hi stephanie

      This is the glass one. Click here

      and this is th e jeweled one. Click here

      Hope that helps


  • Ste

    Hi Molly, your pictures are awesome! The rosebud is so sexy in your butt.

    I have a middle size latex plug since about 3 years and I use it 2 or 3
    times a week, at the beginning I used it just for the time of masturbation but one day I decided to try to keep it for long time.

    Unfortunately I’m not able to do it… I tried many many times to go to sleep with it, but after about one hour i must remove it, cause it hurts too much! 🙁
    I always use some cream to keep my anus skin soft but there’s anything to do, it hurts too much, same thing during the day (I always use a tight thong to keep it pushed in my ass). Sometimes i wear it before getting to the office, but when i’m seat down atfer 1 hour / 1 hour and half, I must to go the toilet and remove it (only one day I’ve been able to keep it for about 3 hours, but it’s happened just one time). The main problem is that I’m not able to “forget
    it” because it keep me always excited and during the night I can’t asleep.

    I also got some problems of hemorrhoids for all this summer, so I toke a pause in using my plug and I also been unable to wear my beloved thongs! 🙁 What about you? Did you have hemorrhoids problems?

    3 week ago I bought this toy: http://www2.funfactory.de/#!flash=tag&value=/tags/13/products.xml&url=/product_codes/24908& It’s quite little but it’s incredibly comfortable, finally I’m able to keep it for hours. I tried to go sleep with it, and I did it! But about every 2 hours I wake up because I was too excited… I’m not able to get relaxed when I wear a toy… and unfortunately for the next 2 days I got my ass hole sore.

    Do you have any suggestion for me? How can I sleep or keep my new black toy for long period of time?

    Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards, Ste.

    • mollyskiss

      I am so sorry for the delay in replying to this, your comment somehow got sucked up into my spam filter, I suspect because you left a URL in it.

      In answer to your questions, I don’t have hemorrhoid problems and so I can’t really give you advice on this.

      As for wearing your plug for longer periods of time, I think it is something you have to slowly build up. Use plenty of lube so that getting it in is comfortable. I don’t think ‘forgetting it is there’ os really an option the point of it is to stimulate you. However maybe it would be worth looking for something a little smaller and therefore a little less stimulating to sleep with.

      Thank you for your comment.


      • Ste

        Hi Molly, thank you so much for your reply!

        You are very lucky to don’t have hemorrhoid problems, maybe because you didn’t use your plug so often than I used my middle size plug in the past years… I probably used it a little bit too much.

        Anyway thanks for your suggestion to use more lube to get it more comfortable, I’ll do… hoping to don’t get my strings immediately dirty of lube.

        I’m also looking for a metal rosebud like yours but in the biggest sexy shop near my town they just have the little one, and the base it’s really too little and could accidentally go all in.

        As the last thing I would tell you that I renounced to use my black Funfactory plug during the day: when I go to office or shopping, ’cause walking or just standing for long time give me just pain to my hole, instead using it for some hours in the evening at home is better and comfortable. I’ll also try again to sleep with it.

        Keep in touch. Bye, Ste.

        PS Don’t forget to wear you plug every day! And please post more pictures of you with your beautiful jewel!

        • mollyskiss

          Hi Ste

          Thank you for your comment and I am glad you are getting on better with your blug. Have you tried looking on line for the plug you want?

          If you like this post then I think you will like this post too



          • Ste

            Hi, yes it’s available online, but I don’t like to buy there ’cause I don’t want to have suspicious outgoing on my credit card movement list.

            Summer is coming and wearing the plug with this hot is getting uncomfortable… I definitely need the metal one. Still searching in shops.

            Thanks a lot, especially for you stunning picture with your new hair cut and your loving jewel.

  • Fantasy Adult Toys

    very nice, bling’ing up butt plugs

  • Jakub

    Very nicely. Take another picture and show the ass. Then plug it beautifully decorated.

  • Babefiend

    I find myself reading your posts and nodding so much my head might fall right off!

    I love my plug too, love the feeling of fullness and it’s glittery pink jewel. You articulate all my feelings so well I could be writing them myself.

    I love that you wore it to the hairdressers too, you’re a braver woman than I – that would make me far too squirmy! X

  • slave sindee

    very nice post love your descriptions and you have a pretty plug.
    you have inspired me to go out and get a nice plug.

    • Billy

      I’m a Male should I go buy me a female butt plung for my butthole

      • Molly Moore

        There is no such thing as a female buttplug. A buttplug is a buttplug, you should pick the one that looks like the right size and shape to suit you.


  • Sophie

    I think some people might be put of at the thought of just using a butt plug, and for these people I do reccomend a anal training kit to get used to it. Once you do get used to it though, it’s fantastic ;).

  • sensuousduck

    I have a little one like that (except the jewel is pink), and I totally love it! I used to think that bigger is better, but this little cutie fits in so easily and stays. And this is one I can wear for hours — and enjoy it instead of enduring it. This size plug gives the kind of nice little constant erotic reminder that is so sweetly teasing. Reading your post inspired me to find mine and put it where I love it most. It slides so easily into place, and feels so at home there. I want to see how long I can keep it there today. 🙂

    I do love larger goodies up there, too, especially when I really want to see how much I can stand, but it’s also nice to have a range of sizes.

    (BTW, I’m not a sub. I’m actually much more on the dom side, but I’m very sensual, too. Also, I’m not currently with anybody, so I like to practice on myself sometimes.)

    Thank you for all of your inspiring posts. <3

    • Molly Moore

      Lovely to hear from you and I am glad you are enjoying my work. I must actually write an updated version of this post as I have learnt a great deal about this subject since I first wrote it


  • Karla

    I have to wear my plug all day. When hubby comes in, I lift my skirt or drop my pants so he can be sure it’s in. I used to forget but after going over his knees for a spanking and then having to put it in as he watched, I remember most of the time.
    One of them is a remote control one that vibrates when he pushed the fob. I must put that in when we are going out. Every time he pushes it, I jump a little. It’s exciting and embarrassing at the same time.

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