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16th May 2012

I wonder what the cold sharp metal of the blade running across my thighs and belly would feel like. Just the thought of it makes my breath catch in my lungs and my heart thump just that little bit louder inside my chest. I imagine the gloved hand over my mouth to stifle my cries as the razor-sharp steel cuts through my clothes, the rough twist of the rope as it is coiled round my wrists and the pull on my shoulders as they are secured above my head.

The knife has an ornate handle and a big thick blade, this not any old kitchen knife; this one is special and was bought with a purpose in mind. Me. As he leans into kiss me he rests the body of the weapon across my face, the tip presses ever so slightly into the puffy flesh of my cheek and the bright silver metal catches the light and glints up into my eye. I am mesmerised. I want this. I need this. I was made for this.

Spinning me round he slides the blindfold over my face. The loss of vision only intensifies the thrill and anticipation of what might be about to happen. I wonder for a moment if smallest of movement on my part really could be as dangerous as they seem? Surely if I twist or flinch at just the wrong moment, then what was designed as a game could turn into a blood bath. Now I am scared and I twist and turn beneath my wrists, whirling and spinning, hoping that my erratic movements will keep him at bay. I call out to him, telling him I don’t want this, this is a mistake, this is too dangerous, this is not me, but there is no reply. My cries are greeted with silence. I pause and listen, straining my ears to hear any sound he makes, searching for the noise of just his breathing but there is nothing. Anger flows through my veins and I rage at the quiet, calling his name and demanding him to my side.

The swish of the flogger silences me, it barely touches my skin but it calms me instantly and the anger is gone. The moment I am still his arm snakes round my bare waist and I can feel his body pressing into my back. He whispers words of reassurance into my ear and then it starts. The ice-cold blade meets my burning skin and the fear is cut from inside me as he carves his passion into my tender flesh and finally I am no longer wondering about the knife on my skin, about the marks it will leave or the warm drops of blood as they run down my body. My curiosity for this moment has led us both here and the questions that rage inside my head and leave my body aching for answers are about to be met.

My mind wanders as I write this, my imagination is fuelled by the mysteries of the knife, the very questions that make me crave this are also the ones that make the fear leap round my body like an electric charge. I know this is a game, a mind fuck to twist my darkest desires back in on me. I want to look down at my body and be able to see the welts on my skin, the red angry scratches crisscrossed over my flesh and just maybe I want to see some tiny little pinpricks of blood too.

Blade cutting into thigh


Ps… I have written this piece for The 30 Days Of Kink Project in response to; Day 15: Post a BDSM/kink activity you’re curious about and would like to try.

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  • Cheeky Minx

    The thought of a cold, steely blade against warm skin, slicing through a lacy barrier also sets my imagination racing.

    Sexy and evocative post… x

  • mina lamieux

    I too have a fondness for knives.. a curiosity I’d love to have explored. Lovely post and pictures.

  • Phoenix

    I too love knives and fear/am excited about them being in my future since my Lady also has a love of them but has experience! I found myself holding my breath reading this.

  • Impure Genius

    Beautifully balanced piece – fear, anger, lust, curiosity, love and trust mingled in a single implement and your thoughts.

  • Flip

    I must admit I stay away from knives, even the concept of knives leaves me cold….but that’s due to the fact that as a teen I had a thing about cutting myself, so I always think that, even in a kink setting, the adrenalin rush, the endorphins, would haveme spiralling out of control back to the days when that was how I coped.
    I understand the allure of knives, but it is somehting I’ll never revisit.

    Flip x

    • mollyskiss

      I am sorry to hear that but thank you for commenting. I am aware that for some people this would hold no erotic qualities at all. I try to approach the darker subjects with some sort of subtly and do my best to show it in the light of our loving and trusting relationship.


  • Rebel

    Such a wonderful piece – as Impure Genius has said – very balanced. The moment the blindfold was slipped over your eyes… that is when I felt fear and held my breath to read on! Beautiful photos!
    Rebel xox

  • Mistress Mia

    Knife play is an area I will never enter as a knife was involved with my rape, however, this piece has been written exquisitely and with a beautiful balance.

    Bravo Molly

    ~Mia~ xx

  • Jack and Jill

    We’d probably never engage in knife play, but we can definitely see the excitement. And that second shot makes us squirm!

  • Saskia

    oh wow, molly.. so beautiful, so captivating of that moment and making me think of my own knife play sessions. your writing actually takes me to my own experiences – you make me want to be a better writer. 🙂

    • mollyskiss

      I am glad that my words did this for you…. I really feel like I did something right here knowing that, so thank you very much.


  • Karen Blue

    This is something I never really imagined playing with, but it is a turn on. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

  • iSlut_

    *deep sultry voice*

    Mmm… yummy.

    Join the dark side… join us… you know you want to.


  • Penny

    your exhilarating and almost frightening post goes perfectly with the sexy yet startling photographs…I’m glad I can vicariously experience your fear and excitement, thanks for sharing.


  • KaziGrrl

    Oh, brilliant! I’m not ready to allow anyone else to wield the knife, but I have enjoyed the knife play I’ve done solo 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  • DDD

    I’ve never thought of a knife, but damn it looks sexy against you. Those are VERY hot photos.

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