The Belt. Part 2

by Molly Moore

2nd August 2010


The belt wraps itself round my bottom, the end curling right around me and licking at the tender flesh on the top of my thighs. The pain is sharp and intense and I cannot help but double over, my hands leaving the wall and fluttering around my now stinging thighs.

‘Did I tell you, you could move your hands? Now get them back on the wall Slutmine.’

I am gasping for breath, as I reach back up to the wall, but you allow me no time to recover before you continue. Crack, crack, crack, 3 times in quick succession the belt finds my body but it is the forth strike that breaks me. This time you have aimed lower, across the back of my legs and this time the belt lovingly wraps itself right round my leg and leaves it unmistakable stinging kiss right on the inside of my thigh. Tears spring into my eyes and my hands rush to my thigh, caressing the stinging flesh, light feather little touches trying to calm the burn. Looking down I see the red angry welt already appearing.

‘Oh Slutmine?’ Your voice breaks into my world and I look at you

‘I won’t tell you again, KEEP your hands on that wall’

‘Oh please Sir, please, no more.’ I beg

‘I haven’t finished yet my darling Slut and every time you move your hands from the wall, I will add another stroke.’

I can feel my eyes widen as I look up at you, absorbing what you have said. Slowly I stand back up and trace my hands up the wall only stopping once they are placed above my head. My eyes never leave yours, they hold you stare, steady and firm, defiant and proud, but I know my body betrays me. My hands tremble slightly, little shivers run constantly down my spine and my breath comes in short little gasps but where my body really betrays me is between my thighs for it is there that I throb and ache and pulse with desire your touch.

I arch my back, offering myself to you, my palms flat against the wall and close my eyes and wait. Silence, and then Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! With each touch of the belt I cry out, the final strike making me howl. My legs tremble and I can feel them growing weak beneath me and my hands starting to slip down the wall.

‘One more Slutmine’ you growl into my ear


The pain rips through me and it takes all my will power to keep my hands firmly placed upon the wall. I realise I am holding my breath, waiting, was that really the last one? My answer comes with a touch, your fingers running down my spine again and across my bottom, tracing little circles across the welts that you have left on me. Your touch only serves to heighten the sensation as your fingers dance across my burning skin.

Yet the real ache lays between my thighs, I can feel the wetness leaking from me, and all I want is to feel your touch invading my soft pussy lips.

‘Please sir’ I whimper

‘What is it Slutmine, what do you want?’ you whisper into my ear

You press up against my back, and I can feel your hard cock straining at the buttons on your jeans. You reach across me and finally peal my hands from the wall, and as you do I sink back against you, moulding my whole body against the contours of yours. Words are beyond me now and I cannot answer your question apart from with actions, parting my legs slightly I grind my hips back against your hard cock. My whimpers and groans of desire tell you all you need to know.

I pull my hand from yours and reach down between us, trying to find the button of your jeans, but your brush my hand aside and instead, circling my waist with one arm,  you turn me round and drive me towards the bed. As my thighs meet the edge of our bed you push me forwards and down. A firm hand pressing into the small of my back, holding me in place.

‘Such pretty marks my Slut, once I have taken you I think I will need a photograph’

I hear your words but they do not really register, all I can think about is my need for you, to feel your cock in me. Parting my thighs slightly you can see the swollen wet pussy that you call your own and suddenly your desire to be in me overwhelms you. In an instant your jeans are undone and your hard cock is standing proud in front of you. Grabbing my thighs you part them further and taking your hard cock in your grasp you guide yourself into my hot wet pussy.

‘What a dirty bitch you are, so wet and swollen for me, go on Slut, tighten that little pussy around me, I want to feel you gripping at my cock’

Your words turn me on even more and I can feel my pussy flooding with moisture as you take me from behind. Your hand slides round my neck and you lean into me, pressing me down, holding me tightly in place on the bed as you start to slide in and out.

“Cum on dirty girl, let me feel you cum on my cock. Don’t fight it now, let it go, let me feel you pulsing on me”

I am lost in a world of my body, no longer thinking or seeing just feeling and hearing. The pressure within my pussy is all consuming and as you push deeper and harder into me with each stroke of your cock my orgasm burst forth and rips through my body. I am growling and moaning and underneath it all you can hear me……

“Fuck me Sir, use me, dirty bitch, fuck your dirty bitch, fill her with your cum, dirty bad girl”

As I twist and thrash and squirm underneath you my pulsing pussy and fighting body turns you on even more and the pace quickens. I can feel you swelling within me and then with one final hard deep thrust, as you spill your hot sticky cum deep inside me. For a moment we lay, both catching our breath but within moments I am arching my back, pushing up against you, offering you more, wanting more. You chuckle…..

“Does my Slutmine want more?” you ask “A pussy full of cum and a good whipping not enough for you eh Slut?”

Your cock is still hard inside me and I know that you are more than capable of taking me again if you so choose. I push back against you, but you pull away, as your cock slips out of me I let out a little moan of protest.

“Up on your knees young lady, I want to take your picture, so I can show everyone what a dirty slut you are, and if the pictures are good and you can do as your told, then I will let you lick me clean and if you make a good job of that, I might just fuck you again”


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aphrodite645 August 3, 2010 - 5:24 am

Oh my god i got so hot and wet just reading this Molly mmmm I can visualise it and here his voice and your pain and desire. Love it Kiss Kiss Aphro

Cadence Rayne August 3, 2010 - 4:07 pm

What a fantastic read…but the question remains, did he fuck you again?

mollyskiss August 3, 2010 - 4:09 pm

Yes ma’am, the pictures pleased him!

LambChop December 13, 2010 - 3:04 pm

OMG, so hot!

Zelda Gillian January 7, 2011 - 6:44 pm

Very nice. I love when he demands that you put your hands back up on the wall. I always have the hardest time holding still when I’m being beaten!

mollyskiss January 8, 2011 - 12:30 am

I am the same and it gets me into serious trouble. He wants me to hold still but I can’t help twisting and turning around but he always waits and demands that I put my hands back where he wants them, whether it be the wall, the kitchen counter, the bed…….’put your hands back Slutmine’

powerless December 16, 2011 - 2:32 pm

i ware a belt hidden under my skirt i feel that its my power scourse and i cant loose it


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