by Molly Moore
Molly wearing cuffs

4th August 2010

Yesterday I was meant to spend the day in the wrist cuffs; with them shackled together, but for some reason that escapes me it was a task that went uncompleted. This morning I was reminded of that fact. After some explanation on my part I was told that if I completed the task today, with the added instructions too, then that would go a long way to making up for yesterday’s mistake.

Molly wearing cuffsWith that in mind the moment I returned to the room this morning I put on the cuffs and attached them together with the little clippie things. (They have a proper name that I can NEVER remember, but I am sure you know what I mean?!) The only reasons, for which they could be removed, was to take a shower and to put my bag on and off my shoulder. Why would I need my bag? To carry my things when I went out, you see the added part of today’s task was that I had to visit the local BDSM store with my wrists shackled.

I have worn the cuffs all day; I have learnt how to operate with them on. My typing has improved as the day has gone by and my ability to visit the loo and pour a drink has got steadily better. I visited the shop and I was proud to be wearing the cuffs, in just the same manner I am proud to be wearing my collar. They show people that I am owned, that I am His and that I am willing to be seen like this because it pleases Him. It pleases Him to have me like this, and that, in turn, pleases me.

Of course I wore the shackles all day, but I undid them briefly to get my shorts back up after visiting the toilet. He chooses this moment to arrive home. I am so cross with myself. How could it be that the moment He walks back through the door my wrists are not how He desires them to be. He laughs, and in the end I am forgiven. He reassures that when he uses the belt later it will not be for any other reason than because He wants to.

My bottom is warm now, marked and slowly turning to bruised I am sure. Tonight we are going to see The Bare Naked Ladies. I have yet to enquire if my wrist shall continue to be shackled or not. Whatever it he decides will be because that is what will please Him. All I desire is to please him. Seems like the perfect union to me.



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SlipperyWhnWhet August 6, 2010 - 2:48 pm

Don’t they always seem to know that one time you have to bend the rules just a little bit? Must be some Domly superpower… LOL

mollyskiss August 6, 2010 - 2:52 pm

Oh you have no idea. It’s not the first time and he seems to have this ability to get it timed just perfectly.


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