by Molly Moore
Molly's eye

6th August 2010
(Written a week ago on the plane, slight delay in posting due to distractions! LOL)

I love talking to people, making connections with random strangers; it’s one of my favourite activities. You learn so much about the word around you by talking, or it is listening?

I have just spent the last hour and half talking to the man in the seat next to me on my flight to Philadelphia. A passing comment has turned into a conversation that has covered, travel, families, jobs, immigration and of course one of my favourite subjects America and American politics. I know, your disappointed now aren’t you, you were sure I was going to say sex? Well, we didn’t discuss that directly, but I did give him the name of my blog, God only knows what he will think if it actually takes the time to read it. I did try to warn him it’s a little different!

Do you watch people? I love people watching, you can learn just as much watching people as you can from talking to them sometimes. Across the aisle from me, is me. Well who I used to be anyway. She is young, about 30 I guess, and she is travelling with a baby (he’s 11 months she tells the air hostess) she also has with her what appears to be her parents, well the man is certainly her father, she is the spitting image of him, and what appears to be a husband. I want to lean across the aisle and tap her on the shoulder and say, ‘make him do something, why can’t he change the nappy, why does he get to eat first, why does he get to watch the film uninterrupted while you nurse the baby, bounce the baby, play with the baby, change the baby, and eat one handed whilst trying to stop the baby grabbing your food.

I want to warn her, tell her to change things now before it’s too late. Tell her to tell him that parenting is a shared experience, I don’t care who goes to work, or who earns the money, or who washes the dishes or who masters who in the bedroom, when it comes to parenting, making him do it too. She asks her husband for water, he looks pissed off that he has to move. Damn him, I want to kick him and I want to shake her, but then I think back to me, and I know that if someone had done that for me I would not have listened, I had to find it out for myself. I wonder if she is the same, I wonder if one day she will turn into a submissive slut and realise what it was that has always been missing from her life, or maybe she’s Dom. Right now, she is tangled up with child and nappies and exhaustion and the only person who seems to have noticed, apart from me that is, is Granddad. He stands in the aisle next to them for the best part of an hour, watching his daughter and grandson sleep. He notices them, and I notice him, a man who stares at the 2 people before him with such love and tenderness that it nearly brings tears to my eyes. He has noticed alright, I wonder if she knows how much her Father loves her……


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Clive February 14, 2011 - 12:42 pm

Seven months later and I am melting 🙂

mollyskiss February 15, 2011 - 1:34 pm

Awww TY clive xxx

Sam Brown February 15, 2011 - 1:03 pm

Me too!! I love the sparkle in your eyes, more than a hint of mischievousness! Sx

mollyskiss February 15, 2011 - 1:35 pm

Hi Sam

Thank you for this comment, lovely to see you on my blog….so, where is part 2 then? *grins



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