by Molly Moore
Molly laying on the bed with panties round her ankles

I have pondered this post long and hard, hence the fact that I am posting it at the last-minute. I have written about this subject on at least two previous occasions. In, Sniffy, I confess that ‘I sniff my knickers and I like it.’ but then go onto to explain why for many years it had one a guilty secret that made me believe there was something wrong with me and in Missing in Action I write about the pleasures of sniffing someone else’s dirty panties and the memories of her that it invokes. I kept thinking I had covered this subject, what more is there to say, maybe a bit of fiction instead but then I reaslised that I love my dirty panties too much to pass up this opportunity to talk about them.

I have even sold my dirty panties. I was selling some underwear on ebay that I had been given but did want. The bidding was pretty good but in the end a man in N. Ireland won them. When he paid for them he asked me if they were definitely brand new. I assumed he wanted to make sure they were nice and clean, when I replied they were he replied saying if I felt like wearing them just once before I sent them to him he would be very happy. Fuck it, I thought. I told him he would have to pay more for them in that case. He happily agreed to the price I suggested and the deal was done. I wore the panties all day and made sure that they were well adorned with my juices before slipping them into a ziplock bag and sending them off to the PO Box address he gave me. That was the beginning of a 3 month business relationship between Mr P and I, that saw me sending him numerous pairs of panties, the large white briefs were his absolute favourite but I also discovered that he was very keen on the knee length white school girl socks too. He used to send me emails about wearing the panties to work under his suit and masturbating into the socks. Those emails made me smile, he sounded so happy and delighted with his purchases I enjoyed providing him with something he clearly craved. Then one day after about 3 months I replied to one his emails telling him I bought some more socks just for him and it bounced back to me telling me the email account was no longer working. I never heard from him again.

I did look into starting a used panty website but at that time it seemed to be a very popular thing and, as is still the case, processing transactions for such a thing was not simple. Paypal will shut down and seize all your money in the process if they find out that you are using them to receive payment for such a thing as they class it a sexual service. I have never sold any panties since but I would totally be up for doing it again. I really enjoyed wearing the panties for him, getting them all nice a wet and smelly, that bit was a turn on for me, what the purchaser did with them after that, not so much. In fact I found myself fairly disinterested in his stories apart from the fact that it was nice to know he enjoyed them and that I was facilitating in his pleasure too but it didn’t really turn me on.

I don’t need someone else to find my dirty panties hot for me to find them hot. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of @domsigns cutting them off me, smelling them and then stuffing them in my face forcing me to do that same, is seriously fucking cunt clenchingly hot to me. There is something utterly delicious about having your own dirty pleasures openly acknowledged and forced back onto you. Just like when he catches me sniffing my panties and calls me a dirty girl. It makes me grin in that slightly guilty knowing way because I know it is said not to shame me but to allow me to own my desires and kinks.

I don’t wear panties that often to be honest, I really do enjoy the feel of being without them but because I don’t wear them that much when I do, at the end of the day, just before they get tossed into the laundry basket, I will always bring them up to my face, breath in, inhaling my own wonderful heady musky aroma. It never fails to turn me on and if by some chance we have had sex during the day then those are the best smelling dirty panties of all!

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sub-Bee November 1, 2015 - 9:41 pm

Now, as much as I’ve said I don’t like dirty panties, he has threatened to gag me with mine and that I find really fucking hot! And yes, I love the feel of his cum in my panties too but again I’d never considered sniffing them.

Cammies on the Floor November 2, 2015 - 10:40 am

I also find the thought of panties being used as a gag hot. I love how you keep expressing your love of this topic

K.C. Cave November 2, 2015 - 1:21 pm

I don’t do it often, but inhaling the funky odor of a lover’s used panties is a total turn-on when masturbating. It just puts me in a pussy-eating mindset that propels me along to an orgasm. A delicious post!

Angela Goodnight November 3, 2015 - 11:07 pm

Haha. Good post. Peter loved smelling mine when we were teens and also when we first made love after our 45 year interregnum. Never felt the desire myself though.

I don’t think bitcoin has any problems with sexual services!


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