Tied. Part 2

by Molly Moore

May 18th 2010

Reaching across my body you grab the glass dildo that is next to me on the bed and without hesitation you drive it inside me.  My sigh instantly turns into a groan of pleasure as you immediately start to fuck it firmly and smoothly in and out of me. My pussy grips at the cool hard rod and instinctively my hips curl upwards to meet each thrust.

“Oh please Sir, touch my clit Sir. Please!” I beg…….”No” you reply simply……Oh Sir please, please let me cum, I am so close to cu……. But before I can finish the word, the dildo is gone. I cry out at the loss, the feeling of openness and the desperate need for something, anything to fill me is almost overpowering and I lift my hips as much as my bonds will let me and offer myself to you, but you hold the dildo up for me to see, my juices clearly visible on the shiny glass phallus.

“Now it’s ready for where I want it to be” you murmur at me.

Before I can even think to protest you spread my arse cheeks and push the dildo into me with one long firm push, until I am filled, the smooth cold glass buried deep inside my hot tight arse. I shift and try to twist away but the bonds hold me firmly in place and I have no alternative but to accept, but to submit to you.

My eyes look down my body at you, and you can see my need for you burning brightly within them….. “Oh Slutmine, you look so beautiful. It’s taking all my self control not to just take you now” you growl at me. “Then do it” I cry. “Oh no slutmine, not yet, when I am ready, I will take you in the way I want to” Your words set me alight and I whimper and moan, my pussy aching and throbbing even more for your touch.
As you walk across the room I twist my head as much as I can to keep my eyes on your every move, knowing that only you can bring me the release that my body is yearning for.

It is the turn of the putty knife now; it sits on the table in the corner of the room, where you had told me to place it after I had selected it from the variety of objects that were scattered around in the garage. The handle is wide and the finger grips create delightful ridges all along the rubbery shaft which slowly curves up at the end so as to make it fit into the grip of a strong working hand perfectly. You reach for the tool and as you walk back towards me you study the handle closely, running your thumb up and down over the ridges. As you approach the bed my body does a little shiver…….is it anticipation or the cold?

Your fingers spread my pussy lips and just like before, without any teasing, any hesitation, you push the putty knife handle, with one firm thrust, deep into me. Even though my pussy is wet and eager, the dildo in my arse has made me tight, and as the ridges graze over the tender flesh at my opening I cry out at your rough treatment, but this only seems to spur you on.

Swiftly you climbing onto the bed, unbuttoning your trousers and reaching in for your cock, you lay it across my lips and tell me to suck. My tongue flickers out and I lick at the underside of your cock, teasing you and making you sigh but as you try to push into my mouth I close my lips and with defiant eyes I look up at you. My look is greeted with a smile and a knowing grumble and then you reach down between my legs and pinch my clit hard between your thumb and finger. I draw in my breath at the pinching sensation and my pussy twitches but then you start to apply pressure and I can feel you nail digging in. My mouth opens as I cry out from the sudden pain and instantly you thrust your now hard cock into it.

You are fucking my mouth, taking your pleasure in your possession. With one hand you hold my head firmly by my hair, and slide your cock in and out of my mouth and with the other hand you reach down and slowly fuck my pussy with the handle of the putty knife. I am tied to the bed, my leg and wrist secured tightly, my pussy and arse both stretched and full and you cock in my mouth, my body is alive, on fire and I give myself over to you completely. The defiance is now all gone and as the dribble starts to pour down my chin I suck and lick greedily at your cock, as it glides in and out of me. I can feel my pussy start to tighten around the handle of the putty knife and I fight to starve of the orgasm that is threatening to finally engulf me. I know I need the words from you and pleading sounds fill my mouth asI try to call out to you but your cock drive deeper and harder into my throat and the vibrations from my gagged pleading turn you on even more. It is then that I finally I hear the words I have been waiting for……

“Come now, Slutmine” you command

Those words are all I need and I am lost to them, my pussy spasms and tightens and my body thrashes and fights against the bonds that hold it in place, I am crying and calling out but there is no where for me to go and I feel your grip tighten in my hair as you hold my head steady and I am back in your control. My eyes look up at you and as they meet your gaze your cock thickens inside my wanting mouth and I hear the unmistakable grunt that you make as you cum, and your cock erupts into my throat and fills my greedy mouth.

As you lay down beside me, pulling the covers over my exhausted body, you wrap your arms around me and kiss me. The ropes are gone, although the marks still remain, the dildo and putty knife are cast aside on the floor, gone, but certainly not forgotten. The taste of you still lingers in my mouth and my body twitches and shakes and my breath comes in little pants but I curl up into your loving embrace and you hold me tight, as my breathing gradually return to normal. It is only as you hear it settle into the steady pattern of sleep that you finally release me. “Sleep fast and well Slutmine” you whisper and with one protective arm laid across my body you sleep too…….

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tail gunner May 21, 2010 - 7:11 pm

a nod to the best pussy i have never fucked !
way to go, molly mine.

Lori October 6, 2012 - 7:50 am

Molly, you write so well. Thank you.

mollyskiss October 6, 2012 - 11:09 am

Thank you very much. xxx


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