May 24th 2010

It all started with a kiss. Without that kiss I don’t know if we would ever have discovered each other, although some people are just meant to be together, so I think no matter what we were destined to find each other. I used to sit and watch that kiss, letting my mind dream and wander, imaging what it would be like to be kissed like that, imaging what the man behind the kiss was like. Was he really as passionate as the kiss made him out to be?

We talked about the kiss, what it meant to us and I told him of my longing and so he turned the vision before me into words on the page. Every day I would rush to read the words, hoping that he had added more to the previous day, the words were like Viagra to me, they made my pulse race and my breathing quicken and the moisture pool between my thighs. On days when he had not written more words, disappointment would fill my mood and I would write to him, asking, pleading, even begging for more words. I lived to read the words that he wrote for me.

The kiss became our story, and my longing grew, I wanted the kiss for real, and I dreamt of having a moment with him, of feeling his lips and hands on me. Soon the kiss turned into a promise and so I waited, waited for our moment and for the kiss to finally be delivered for real. Time dragged and my heart lurched from joy to terror and slowly but surely I fell…….

I had waited for so long, could it really live up to my longing, my expectations? Would we fit, would our noses clash or our teeth bang? He kissed me that first time at the airport, his lips finding mine, one hand on the back of my neck, claiming my mouth the other in the small of my back pulling me in close. It was all that he has promised and more and it was just the first, over the next 2 and half weeks we kissed and kissed and kissed, they were passionate, loving, gentle, rough, fast, slow, long, quick…….my lips were sore and bruised, swollen and puffy. I had been well and truly kissed.

There are many things a person can do from themselves (use your imagination here now, I am not talking about making coffee 😉 and much that can be shared through the miracle that is the internet, but you can’t kiss yourself, you just can’t. Same as being held in someone’s arms, feeling their skin on yours, the protective feeling that another’s arms around you brings, cannot be replicated in any other way, than in person. However, hugs can be found in other places and a cosy bed goes a long way to feeling protectively relaxed but it’s the kiss that cannot be found anywhere else but from another. The kiss cannot be found anywhere but with him, and I long to be kissed again, to have my mouth and lips claimed by him, to feel his tongue pushing and exploring into my mouth, tasting each other, teeth nipping at my lips in desire. I miss the kiss more than anything else.

So I am back to waiting, anticipating, dreaming of the next moment, but this time it is different, this time it is sure, and certain. There are no doubts, no ‘what if’s’, just the longing, craving and a bubbling up of sheer joyous excitement at the next kiss. Only 11 days to go now……


Ps…..just looking through for a picture or two to go with list post and I was struck by just how wonderful kissing is and even more so how wonderful it looks. I found pictures of girls kissing girls and boys kissing boys and boys kissing girl and vice versa, and they all made me smile. I don’t think we kiss enough, it should be done every day and lots of lots so if you have a chance today to kiss then please, for Molly, make sure you do it! Every kiss not given is a moment of joy wasted.

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Livi October 27, 2010 - 7:06 pm

Love this post! So romantic and lovely 🙂
Personally not a bit kissy person though, but hugs! oh yea!

Jen October 28, 2010 - 10:34 pm

This is lovely, so romantic. This is the first time I have read your blog so excuse the stupid question, but do you write? (other than blogging? You SHOULD! Jen (Blog Gems)

mollyskiss October 28, 2010 - 11:27 pm

Hi Jen

Thank you for coming by to read and for the lovely compliment. I do write, but my biggest outlet is here on my blog. I have a few erotic stories published on but my Sir keeps telling me I should start on a longer project. Maybe I will, and thank you for the encouragement


bigalphy October 29, 2010 - 11:32 am

Mmmm, another approach to blogging, interesting to read a women’s perspective.

NIHH July 20, 2011 - 10:22 pm

Desperately trying to find where it all began. I’m so intrigued to learn more of your story 🙂

Love this song


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