Surprisingly hot

by Molly Moore
Men kissing is hot

As a general rule M/M erotica tends to leave me cold and M/M porn (as in videos) do nothing for me either. Just to be clear I am not homophobic in any way. I am talking about my personal arousal when it comes to gay male sex. I know many woman who find the whole thing a huge turn on but I am not one of those women.

When it comes to MFM scenarios (and yes I have indulged in them) the idea of the two men doing stuff in a bisexual sense as well, is a turn off to me. What is hot about MFM to me is the idea that I am focus of both men, rather than getting to watch or participate in them getting it on with one another. Kayla’s Masturbation Monday gif (which you can see by clicking the badge below) is a perfect example. I look at it with interest, but I feel detached from it. At no point does it make me feel hot and/or horny. I don’t find anything wrong it, I am not upset or offended by it, far from it in fact, I look at it and am happy that these man are enjoying themselves in a way that works for me. It just does not turn me on.

I strongly believe the saying your kink is not my kink but your kink is OK and for this I would replace the work kink with sexuality and or gender preference. I think we should all be allowed to enjoy ourselves with whom ever we desire (consensually of course)  There is no right way apart from the way that works for you and when I see or read about people enjoying such pleasure I celebrate that, even if it is not my thing.

Last week I stumbled across a video of men kissing that had been made in response to the horrible killings at The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Social media delivered it right into my face and I happily sat and watched it. When it got to the end I sat for moment, then pressed play and watched it again. At this point I am not sure how many times I have watched it but it way more than the initial two, way way more in fact. I am utterly mesmerized by these kisses. There is just something so fantastically hot and sexy about each one. I think it is to do with the clearly visible eroticism between the men, these kisses are passionate, loving, tender and very very real and I find them fucking hot. For the first time I can ever remember not only do I totally and utterly support these beautiful men in their sexual identities but I also found watching them incredibly sexy.

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Kayla Lords June 21, 2016 - 1:17 am

There are certain sexual acts that when I see them, they leave me cold, too. Not M/M, lol, but certainly plenty of other acts. Like you, I feel the YKINMK rule should always apply and definitely works for sexuality and gender.

That being said, I loved everything about this video. Watching the intimacy between two people kissing, the M/M factor, and even better, the donations raised off of the inevitable homophobic comments. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

dave smith June 21, 2016 - 2:44 am

I think you have an enlightened view to be able to appreciate (even think as hot) activities between people that you are turned off about. If only others were to think like you!

DWD June 22, 2016 - 12:39 am

The most amazingly erotic male-on-male encounter that I have witnessed was on the Netflix show “The Borgias.” Although it was television, I was quite surprised at the sensuality and passion that was portrayed. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to view homo-erotic passion through a tender and compassionate filter. DWD


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