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Making the breast of it

bruises on molly's breast

He is holding the bircher and the acrylic cane that John Brownstone gifted him.

“Lay down” he says and he taps the sofa with the end of the cane.

“Face up or down?”

There is a pause as he considers my question, then an answer

“You decide”

We have been exploring impact play on my breasts. We have done it once and it left lovely bruises and made me very wet so I know at this moment he giving me the option of asking for more if I want it. But do I want the bircher on my breast? There is only way to find out…

Of course he starts with that.

It is kind of stingy but not unbearably so and when I look down I can see that my boob is already turning a delightful shade of red. I can feel the air moving each time he brings the bircher down across my flesh. I concentrate on my breathing, trying to keep it even and calm. He jolts me out of my little trance when he brings the bircher down on the inside of my thigh. The sting makes me suck in my breath through my teeth.

Then it is the turn of the cane.

I thought it would be awful but it is surprisingly not. I wouldn’t say it feels good but it doesn’t feel bad and actually the more he uses it the more I find myself falling into the sensation that occupies that delicious spot between and pleasure and pain. It is not one or the other but somehow both at the same time. I can feel it deep in the muscle across the top of my breast which is hot and red and are those little bruises starting to show.

He shifts in his seat and the movement makes me glance up. He pushes my legs apart and slides a finger into my cunt. I can tell by the ease with which they fit into my body that I am very wet but then he confirms it

“So wet Slutmine, seems last time was not a one-off”

His fingers feel so good. I reach down and rub at my clit as he fingers me and continues to bring the cane down across my breast again and again and my orgasm seems to bubble up out of nowhere. As my cunt pulses around his fingers he brings the cane down even harder across my breast and instead of that bringing my orgasm up short it seems to have the exact opposite effect.

As I lay on the sofa trying to catch my breath and admire the blossoming bruises on my flesh he stands up and undoes his jeans and pulls out his already stiff cock and then proceeds to wipe all my juices from his fingers onto his dick coating it all over.

“Now suck me” he says

I think exploring breast impact play is working for both of us….

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  • Cara Thereon

    It’s very sexy to read this even if I’m nervous about the idea of impact play in breasts.

  • HappyComeLucky

    I love impact play on my breasts. I adore having them slapped, thumped, flogged etc. I find that I have to be a little careful though. If the edge of the tawse hits my nipple it feels like I have been sliced open and I can’t take that.

  • May More

    That was very hot – I have my breasts whipped and smacked and love it – bitten too of course ;-0 x

  • Kayla Lords

    Yay, for once I don’t feel like I have to apologize for the meanness of the cane, lol.

    I love having my breasts smacked with a bare hand. JB’s only used a cane once or twice and it was just a small tap. I think, for me, that may be all I can handle, but you make it sound so delicious.

  • Marie Rebelle

    There’s nothing better than when it works for both of you! This really made me feel the pull for some pain and marks!

    Rebel xox

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