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by Molly Moore
Picture of Molly in long grass with her feet up in the air

Last night when chatting with Michael I told him that my mind was completely blank on this weeks Masturbation prompt which was a bit of bugger because it was one of my images. I told him that all it made me think about was where I took it and what I did to get the shot. Not exactly sexy. Then Michael said. What about if someone had seen you, or watched you? And suddenly and idea for a story popped into my head.

I have not used the same picture as the one Kayla has used on Masturbation Monday, it is one I took at the same time but if you look you will see the placement and height of my feet is different.


I have walked this path so many times. For years with Dolly by my side but once she passed away and I decided I was too old for another dog, always on my own. I don’t come every day; once you are retired and you don’t have those soft begging eyes looking at you rainy days can now be ignored in favour of a cup of tea and a good book.

I don’t always take the same route either but this particular walk is one of my favourites. The view is beautiful and despite the path looking well-worn in all the years I have been walking it I have never seen another person. Until today that is.

The path is lined on both sides with trees dotted along, they are mainly big and old and beneath them brambles and nettles have grown up, but beyond that there are fields. On one side there are horses grazing but on the other, where the fields fall away down into the valley there is beautiful meadow-land that in the summer is a rippling sea of soft meadow grass and wild flowers.

I almost walk right past her but it was the unfamiliar mechanical click sound that made me turn my head and peer through the bushes to the field beyond. Just as I did a pair of legs disappeared from sight into the long grass to be replaced almost instantly by a head of red hair. The woman glanced up and down at the path clearly checking to see if anyone was there before standing up and tiptoeing her way through the grass and kneeling down again beside a camera that was set atop a tripod. For a brief moment I thought about clearing my throat or making some sort of noise to tell her I was there but that been before she stood up and I realised she was completely stark naked.

For some reason I now found myself rooted to the spot, hiding behind one of the trees that separated the field from the path. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting or what I wanted her to do but when she stood back up again and made her way back through the grass to the spot she had just left I found myself studying the curves of her body and the movement of her bottom. She was beautiful, not in the perfect sense of that word but in the assured sense. She held her body in such a way that conveyed a confidence in it and her nudity. She wasn’t tall, far from it in fact, she had curvy hips and full but fairly pert breasts and her stomach showed the telltale signs of one that had cradled at least one baby of not more inside it. She was younger than me, probably by at least 20 years which placed her in her early 40’s.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she found her way through the grass, then she was gone again and her legs which looked strong and smooth appeared once more, her toes pointing up towards the pastel blue summer sky and there it was again, that mechanical click. Not just once either but multiple times. After each one she would adjust her legs, dropping them down, then pushing them up higher, changing the angle and so on. Once the clicking stopped the legs vanished again and I watched as she reappeared and made her way back to the camera. This time she didn’t even glance up at the path. It was like she had completely forgotten where she was or that anyone might see her. She was comfortable in her surroundings and there was something utterly intoxicating about it.

This time she didn’t kneel down but bent over to peer into the screen on the camera presenting her beautifully round bottom to me and there between her thighs were the soft pink lines of her pussy. I let out a little gasp and then bite my lip to stifle it. I was fairly sure I saw her body stiffen slightly but she didn’t turn round or even appear to stop what she was doing. After a few moments she reached down into her bag that was on the ground and retrieved her phone then straightened back up. Turning round she looked directly at the tree behind which I was hiding. I ducked away but after a few moments peeped back out to see what she was doing. Her head was down and she appeared to be doing something on her phone a gentle smile adorning her lips. Leaning into the tree I found my eyes wandering across her body, from her small delicate hands to her plump breasts and down to the shaven V between her thighs. When I glanced back at her face she was looking directly at me, as our eyes met she held my gaze for a split second and then laid down at the edge of the grass next to her camera, her knees drawn up exposing her pussy to me.

Her finger slide into the folds of her cunt, teasing them open, rubbing at the entrance to her vagina and then sliding back up to her clit. She repeated this movement a few times before finally focusing her touch solely on her clit which she rubs with a determined expertise. I was enthralled and for the first time in a long time I could feel my body seeking my own touch. Dare I? I though. She lets out a little moan as if to encourage me and as her fingers worked at her pleasure I reached beneath my skirt, pulled my knickers aside and copied her. I thought my libido had long ago left me and with it my body seemed to have forgotten how to play along but clearly I was wrong because beneath my fingers I could feel my own clit throb with need.

I came first. My body surprising me not only with its speedy response but with the amount of moisture it had produced and I couldn’t resist running my fingers through it and then popping them into my mouth. When she came her thighs shook and her back arched slightly before she drew her knees together trapping her hand between her thighs. She lay like that for a few minutes and then sat up and reached for her dress that was discarded on the ground next her next. She let it tumble over her head and then adjusted her breasts to sit in the right place. Standing up she packed up her camera, grabbed the tripod and headed off along the field towards the other end of the path. I watched her go with my fingers still firmly in mouth and just before she disappeared out of view on the path down into the valley she turned and waved back up towards where I was standing.

I have come back again and again but I have never seen her here again. Every time I find myself smiling at the memory though, and on a couple of occasions I have even sat on one of the fallen branches and relived the moment in a very physical way. I would love to see her again, if only to get the chance to thank her for what she did and tell her that not only had she inspired my libido to return but she had inspired me to buy a camera and tripod.

Molly in long grass with her feet up in the airMasturbation Monday Badge

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Kayla Lords July 11, 2017 - 12:45 am

I didn’t think I could the prompt (or now this photo) more but that story took my literal breath away. I’m not sure who I’d rather be in that situation – him or her.

Silver Eagle July 11, 2017 - 1:00 am

Such a surprise that it was a woman watching you! Enthralling and as always, a great picture.

Cara Thereon July 17, 2017 - 11:50 pm

Oh yes, this turned out soo good.


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