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Sometimes they are red, often they are black. I do have a beautiful dark plum one with matching knickers that I purchased recently and has not really been worn much, yet. I have some blue, and some pink and polka dot one that is so damn pretty and it does great things to my tits, they sit up nice and perky in that one. I have some plain white and of course the obligatory nude one. Actually there are two of those because really you can’t have too many of them, but currently I only have one white lace one.

I don’t wear it that often, it has yet to be relegated to the everyday bra pile instead it only gets worn if the outfit demands or sometimes just because I am in the mood for pretty delicate white lace. A bit like the polka dot one it does good things to my tits that swell in soft curves out of the top of the lace and through the material you can clearly see my nipples. Somehow it is both innocent and provocative all at the same time. It is a bra that at first glance looks like one thing but on further inspection inspires a more lustful response, or at least I hope it does…

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  • silverdom

    I’m a little short or=f words here – for all sorts of reasons. 🙂

  • silverdom

    And so excited I had a major typo attack. *sigh

  • Jupiter Grant

    I love a nice bra. I used to have quite a collection, but now just 3 on a rota! I love this white lacy one you’re wearing. Very pretty

  • Ebbets jim

    Would you consider sharing a photo of your polka dot bra? They are my favorite. Thanks

    • Molly Moore

      I will indeed…. watch this space

  • Posy Churchgate

    I agree with you – ‘both innocent and provocative all at the same time’ is a great result for a bra, and the white ones seem to achieve this best of all. You’re looking delectable here.

  • missy

    You have such great boobs and model your bras so well. I am with you on the innocent and provocative at the same time. That really hits the spot. missy x

  • Kayla Lords

    I seriously need more bras…but also, I do my best to not have to wear them, soooo. Hmm, maybe a new one can be a treat for myself in the near future. (Confession, I only have TWO and a load of sports bras.)

  • Marie Rebelle

    Your breasts really do look good here 😍

    Rebel xox

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