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A stones throw

Molly's legs on the bed in dappled sunlight

I masturbated this morning. Laying in our bed, the covers thrown back and the sunlight streaming in across my body. Beyond the window the gentle sounds of a sunny bank holiday filled the air; bird song, a dog barking in the distance music and children playing. Sounds that somehow made what I was doing feel even more decadent.

The stone dildo felt blissfully cool against my thighs and gloriously cold against the heat of my cunt.
Letting the phallus glide into the depths of me and then holding it there savouring the feel of it filling me up with its cool hard weight before drawing it out until just the tip rested inside me. I played slowly, luxuriating in the sensations.

The sun heat the room and sweat pooled behind the backs of my knees and ran in little rivulet of fluid down the back of my my thighs. Across my forehead and upper lip beads of moisture gathered before i wiped them carelessly away with the back of my hand.

I thought about fingers pushing into me and the pull of cuffs on my ankles holding me open. I imagined the sound of your belt sliding from your trousers and the feel of the bed dipping as you knelt between my thighs holding your hard dick in your hand. I thought about the feel of you inside me, the sound you make, the way our bodies are both slick with sweat and how you taste as I lick at your neck and shoulder whilst you fill me with your cock

In the end i cast the stone dildo aside and rubbed at my clit in tight hard little motions that made me cum quickly.

Afterwards I slide into my shorts and went out for a walk with my juices still coating the folds of my cunt and my smell clinging to my finger tips. Sunny holiday Monday’s are always the best start to a week.

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  • SNJ

    Wonderful story!

  • Elliott

    A stone dildo. How interesting, it would be cool to the touch, or warm even hot if one desired. Atmospheric read and in the end I could relate to tossing the toy aside and finishing with your hand.

  • May More

    I too like the sound of the stone dildo – very hot masturbation scene – love all the noises going on in the background and you just there pleasuring yourself ;-)xx

  • Victoria Blisse

    Wonderful. I loved the little details, like the scent left on your fingers. It brought the words to life.

  • Cara Thereon

    Oh my. Best way to start the day!

  • Posy Churchgate

    Lovely Molly, I think you told me I ought to try a stone dildo once you realised how much I love the cold sensation followed by the heating up of glass – you have made me want to even more with this tale. I agree with the other comments, the tiny details creeping into your lusty interlude really make it relatable and illicit.

  • Violet

    So many nuances of sensation and atmosphere here. This is quite a lush little tale, glad to hear you got the week off to a good start!

  • Brigit Delaney

    Lovely start to the day!

  • Kayla Lords

    You know how to enjoy a Monday, that’s for sure. And those tight little urgent circles that get you off so well – I love that move because it works, especially when there’s urgency behind it. 😉

  • Marie Rebelle

    Nothing as relaxing as starting the free Monday like that, and have a lovely walk afterwards 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • switchhitter46

    The only thing missing was me, across the room watching you as I masturbated along with you.

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