Dance with me

by Molly Moore
moonlight shining through leaves

“Dance with me in the white moon light

Beneath a star filled sky”

That was all my note said, just simple words to tempt you to leave behind the comfort of your home and step out into the night with me. For weeks it had gone on, me patiently building a connections between us. A word here, a smile there, a fluttering of eye lashes, standing just a bit to close, a tilt of my chin, and offering you the perfect view of my breasts bound up inside my corset.

Your innocence is divine, the blushes, the stumbling across your words, and the nervous fiddling with the buttons on your shirt. But I am good at this game and I take my time because I know if you don’t trust me you will never come out into the dark with me.

I am good at spotting them though, the innocent ones with potential. Too pious or arrogant and there is no point, the former believes the world and everything we are revolves around God and the latter believes that the world and everyone should revolve around them. Neither is any fun for me.

By the time I send the note I know you are ready. I have built a curiosity in you that has to be satisfied. You know somewhere in your head that you should probably not leave the house and come to me but I have laid an irresistible path in your mind where mysteries of the flesh and things you can’t really imagine but which tempt you anyway will force you out to seek the answers with me and even though you sense a danger your desires over ride that and anyway, what could there possibly be to be scared off you tell yourself, she is just a woman, all soft flesh and tender touches.

As the daylight vanishes behind the tree-lined hills you watch the sky turn a dark inky blue before finally falling black and revealing all the little celestial gems that pepper the night and there in the midst of it sits the moon. With a quickening beat of your heart you slip from the house and down the path. You know the route well but this will be the first time you have walked it at night. You stumble a couple of times, your foot snagging on a rock and your coat catching on some brambles. On both occasions a shadow of doubt dances at the edge of your mind but as quickly as it appears you banish it again. With every step you take you move closer to me, my breath catches in my throat when I hear you, your scent fills my nostrils. You are here and you are mine.

I linger in the shadows for a moment and watch you. You look directly at me but the darkness is my friend and not yours and it makes me smile to see you search into its depth for me. Just when I sense you are about to retreat I let the darkness fall away and I step into the clearing with you. Your eyes light up when they see me and a smile of pure joy adorns your lips. I have you now and I know it.

“It’s beautiful” I say, indicating the pearlescent orb of light that hangs in the darkness above our heads. Dance with me” and I step into your arms. There is no music, just the beating of your heart, the sound of which fills my ears with an almost deafening noise. I rest my head against your chest and we rock together beneath the perfect sky. My lips brush at your chest, I wind my arms around your neck and pull your face down to mine. The kiss is perfect, enough to take your breath away, enough to have you falling into my spell enough to make you tip your head and back and shout up your joy to the moon above you, enough to expose yourself to me.

The bite is swift, deep and shocking, your eyes widen, your knees buckle as the blood rushes from your body into mine but I am strong, stronger then you, for beneath that feminine softness that led you here lays a monster. The taste of you in my mouth is exquisite, fresh and raw as only young virgin blood can be and as it coats my lips and tongue my whole body heats up. The cloak slips from my shoulder and the moonlight shines against my pale white flesh. I hold you tight in my arms as I suck the life blood from you and between my thighs I can feel the beat of your heart pulse inside my cunt. Just a few more moments, just a few more beats, just a few more drops, the release when it comes is intense and clouds my vision with a red mist of lust.

Now you lay at my feet, your pulse is weak and thready, but I have chosen well for youth and innocence are on your side and you will survive just I intended. It will never be quite the same again though, your innocence is forever tainted now and the naked truth of what I am will corrupt your mind and eventually I will have to choose whether to snuff you out or let you become like me, a deceiver of the night.

Until then my darling

“Dance with me in the white moon light

Beneath a star filled sky”

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Cara Thereon November 6, 2017 - 11:21 pm

So I’m a huge fan of anticipation and the build up was so perfect. My hope is she keeps them. Something about her turning them into someone just like her…

Nero November 6, 2017 - 11:50 pm

A Halloween bonus for Masturbation Monday!!
Great story Molly, I enjoyed it.

Cimm November 7, 2017 - 12:34 am

Ooh Deceiver of the night. What fun that was!

Indigo Byrd November 7, 2017 - 8:38 am

The spooky thing is I wrote something similar about Ryan and his friends way back then (we were just a bit into the vampire thing), and I’ve hesitated to publish it till now because it was so predatory. But this is gorgeous and much more exciting and detailed than what I wrote. So well done Molly very hot story…
Indie xx

May More November 7, 2017 - 1:00 pm

Love the biting bit – i have to say i am a sucker for predatory fiction

Kayla Lords November 9, 2017 - 1:27 am

Oh that was NICE. I knew something delicious and evil would happen but I didn’t expect that. Makes me want to dance under the moon now. πŸ˜‰

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