Smut Relay Part 5 – A Curved Blade

by Molly Moore
ptreey knife handle with blade hidden under pillow

Continued from Smut Relay Part 4 – Reasons by Hyacinth Jones


Eleanor sat at the nose of the boat. The sound of the sails fluttering in the warm breeze fitted perfectly with the noise of the hull as it cut through the water. It was so peaceful. Eleanor couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this at peace, probably before Elizabeth had died but that was so long ago now she couldn’t be sure. The sun was sitting right on the horizon, it turned a deep red colour as it had slipped closer and closer to the sea. Soon it would be gone and the boat would be lost into the dark night.

Eleanor reached down to check the knife again. She had got into the habit of checking it’s presence in the little holder that wrapped around her thigh multiple times a day. The blade was vital to her plans working out, and last night she had woken a number of times in a hot sweat as images of finding it gone just when she needed it kept invading her dreams. Eventually her restless sleep had woken Jay too and when he asked her what was wrong she had lied.

“Nothing, just weird dreams I think”

“You think?” He inquired as he ran a hand up over her breast and let it come to rest around her neck

“Yes, I can’t remember the dreams but I feel like I had them” she continued to lie

That seemed to satisfy Jay

“I think I was dreaming too” he said


“Yeah, I was dreaming that I was holding you down and fucking you” and he tightened his grip on her neck slightly

“That is not a dream Jay, that is what you are always thinking about” he laughed in response and curled his body around her and they both drifted off back to sleep.

The feel of his hand on her neck is what woke Eleanor the next time or maybe it was the pinch of his fingers on her hip as he held gripped hold of her and pushed his dick into her. No foreplay, no touching, no tongues, just a crude coupling which despite everything Eleanor found herself welcoming. She arched her back and pushed back onto Jay wanting to take as much of him inside her as she could.

“That’s it my little vixen, fuck me back” he growled into her ear.

Being on her side like this meant she could reach between her thighs and rub her clit. His cock felt hot and hard inside her, she was not soaking wet and the feel of him forcing his way into her, the friction of his cock against her delicate flesh felt good to Eleanor. She liked it rough and dirty and if it hurt a bit too, then all the better as far as she was concerned. It made her feel alive.

Richard had been a tiresome lover. He thought he had all the moves and would rotate through them in a fairly predictable manner, kissing, squeezing boobs, licking cunt, a bit of fingering and then onto the main performance of fucking. She was fairly sure he had studied at the famous school of porn and was utterly convinced that his skills were second to none. The truth was, they were boring, predictable and utterly focused on himself. Eleanor might not have been the stunning beauty her sister Elizabeth had been but she definitely shared her acting skills therefore Richard was completely convinced that he was the best lover Elly had ever had in her bed.

Elly pushed thoughts of Richard from her mind. She had Jay’s beautiful cock filling her up, his hand around her throat and fingers digging viciously into the flesh of her hip and as she rubbed at her clit she could feel the muscles in her cunt starting to contract. Behind her Jay groaned as he felt her clamp down on his dick. His grip on her neck and hips tightened as he buried himself as deep into her as he could. With her airway slightly constricted, the pinch of his fingers into her skin and the feeling of fullness in her cunt Elly’s orgasm rippled round him and Jay emptied his balls inside her moments later.

Gathering her into his arms Jay kissed her. It was loving and passionate and it made Elly smile. Early morning light was starting to seep in through the tiny window but neither of them moved to get up. The boat was silent, there was time yet before the day got really started. Within moments Elly could hear Jay’s breathing slip into the easy rise of fall of sleep. She reached under her pillow and checked yet again that the knife was there in its little leather sheaf.  Jay knew she had the knife, in fact he had given it to her.

“You can’t be a pirate without a knife” he had joked”

And then shown her how devastatingly sharp it was by cutting through her lace panties. With one small upwards slice it had cut through the material like a hot knife through butter. It had a beautiful curved blade with a blue handle and he couldn’t have given her better gift. It was the one part of her plan she had been unsure about and Jay had solved it for her with his gift

She let her fingers run over the handle as he settled her head on the pillow. Jay might know she had the knife but he certainly didn’t know what she intended to do with it but he would find out eventually. Him and Richard both.

To be continued… Smut Relay Part 6 by Hannah Lockhardt

If you don’t know about the Smut Relay it is run by Rebel’s Notes and basically involves each author writing a part of the story and then passing on to the next person. If you don’t know the story so far then you should start at the beginning The Forbidden Beach by Marie Rebelle

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Cara Thereon July 30, 2018 - 3:52 pm

Oo. The intrigue. I’m very curious what’s going to happen next!

Marie Rebelle July 30, 2018 - 7:03 pm

It seems there’s some kind of revenge brewing in Elly’s mind. Love where you have taken the ‘Elizabeth’ at the end of Hyacinth’s piece. Great continuance and like Cara, I am looking forward to the next part 🙂

Rebel xox

ancilla ksst July 31, 2018 - 2:55 pm

It doesn’t make me want to write smut, it makes me want to go DO some smutty things! Nice!

Kayla Lords August 1, 2018 - 1:39 am

And the end is where I gasped and can’t wait to read the next installment.


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