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Plain White Tease

Looking up Mollys skirt to plain white panties

Anyone who knows me, or just reads my blog regularly will know that one of the things I love about summer is wearing dresses with no knickers. It is my default setting once the warm weather comes so much so that the other day I realised I have not put on a pair of knickers in probably a couple of month. My knicker drawer is very full of freshly washed undies that rarely get worn. This week I thought I would change that and slipped a pair of plain white cotton boy short on beneath my dress. Why those? Because they always make his eyes light up if I lift up my skirt and show him. He quite likes something red and lacy but I know his absolute favourite is the plain white cotton knickies that wouldn’t look out of place worn beneath a school uniform.

I often lift my skirt and give Michael a flash of my bare cunt and it always makes him smile but I might have maybe done it a bit more often on this day, although he is not completely innocent either because at the shop he pulled my dress up at the back when I bent down to get something off the shelf. However by the evening I was utterly fed up with wearing them. It is funny because when I put them on in the morning they felt comfortable and I felt sexy in them but by the evening they were just annoying me and I couldn’t wait to get the damn things off. I guess I am just so used to not having them on. I did enjoy giving them a good old sniff though (I wrote about sniffing my knickers on this post Sniffy) when I took them off. That was something I had not done in a while but even so I won’t be rushing to put them on again.

Sinful Sunday badgePs… If anyone feels the urge to mention the words camel toe, stop, hit yourself in the face and then think of something else to say. I HATE those words, they have been always been used in my opinion to shame and embarrass women about their bodies. Now if you want to talk about sexy little creases I am all ears…

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  • elliott

    Seeing this type of shot is always arousing, especially when unexpected.

  • Krystal

    This image is perfectly pleasing!

  • Bibulousone

    I love to see plain white knickers and really enjoyed this post

  • Rose Bliss

    I’m with you, Molly. I almost never wear panties (or a bra) anymore. And when I do, they are just simply annoying and I can’t wait to take them off.

  • silverdom

    Many of us are fans of plain white knickers.

    Sexy little creases indeed!

  • Petra Pan

    I find white knickers so sexy! I think it’s the school girl thing for me too, I feel like white knickers symbolise innocence (and I’m so not innocent!) in my fantasies, I’m often wearing white knickers although not usually for very long…

    PP x

  • Modesty Ablaze

    I completely agree with you about loving going without . . . but I know lots of gentlemen do seem to enjoy a flash of knickers and lace don’t they!!!

    Xxx – K

  • May More

    I really love to wear plain cotton knickers too – something very pleasing about the way they look and feel. As far a sniffing my knickers – it is a very comforting thing to do – very sexy shot x

  • Collaredmichael

    Personally I love the school of going without. When my Queen does so, Angus is always very cramped in his cage. Still it is also always exciting to catch a glimpse of panty—that thrill of the secretly hidden being revealed!

  • Zebra Rose

    Bring on the sexy little creases, oh yeah. Actually, that works for both states, knickers on or off! I wear plain white cotton for comfort, although I like the look of black lace better. Having said that, being made to stand against the wall with skirt hiked and innocent white knickers around the ankles….that’s a good look….

  • Maître

    This is soooo hot and sexy. White knickers and no knickers rock my kink.

    You are one sexy lady, Molly 😘

  • Cara Thereon

    Very much a tease! I tend not to panties as they’re pain.

  • LittleSwitchBitch

    My OH finds white knickers so sexy too x

  • Aurora Glory

    I haven’t gone out once commando yet! As soon as this wind and rain stops I’m hitting the shops knickerless.
    Aurora x

  • Jo

    Love the title! I salute you – I love the idea of being commando for longer periods of time (The Engineer would like me to be completely naked at home like he often is!), but panties are a huge comfort for me. I’ll take your post as motivation to take them off for a night this week. 🙂

  • Floss

    This is such a fun image and definitely full of tease! I can’t stand white knickers on myself, but love them on other people, so this was much fun to enjoy 🙂

  • Marie Rebelle

    I love a bit of upskirt view 😉

    Rebel xox

  • Exposing40

    It always amuses me that so many of us spend time and money choosing ‘sexy’ underwear but often what partners love the most is some good old plain soft cotton! I love this flirty photo. Xx

  • Bee

    Love this shot, sexy and flirty all at once!

    I’ll often give D a flash, if I’m commando he’ll roll his eyes, if I’m wearing panties his eyes light up.

  • 1ManView

    Sometimes just a hint of material will entice the imagination….
    Sexy image….

    piece and love

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