Trolling the Net #69

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to Trolling the Net 69. I am sitting here listening to the rain hoping that this is not the end of our summer. I am sure that sounds dramatic to some but this is England and summer can totally end in July. The forecast implies it won’t so I live in hope that the sun will return and in the meantime offer up some sexy words and pictures for you to enjoy while we wait and see what the weather does…


Smut Marathon Round Six ~ Standing Ovation by Sex Matters

You may or may not know that I am one of the judges of the Smut Marathon that is run by Rebel which means that every month I have read all the entries so that I could cast my vote. It has involved a lot of work but I have really enjoyed it. One of my favourite stories of this last round turned out to be written by May More. In this piece she has published the story on her but also the history to the tale which is a lovely addition in my opinion. The story is essential a sex with a stranger scenario but it also includes a dark alley way. Both things totally tick some kinky boxes for me.

“He leans me against the wall, hitching up my skirt and jerking my legs open with his. Assured. Bending his knees he guides his cock past the gusset of my knickers.”

A Pain in the Neck by Scandarella

I have a bit of a thing for vampire stories but I like my vampires dark and dangerous not sparkly and romantic and I definitely like Ella’s depraved vampires

“We’re both similar creatures but I’m not like her. I’m something far older and far more powerful than she will ever comprehend.”

The Cloak of Lust by Submissy

She paints a vivid picture with her words of how lust can can start small but slowly build until it is all consuming and powerful. Missy’s writing is beautiful and reminded me how beautiful my own lust can be

“She had a need which could not be met but which raged within her both day and night. Her skin prickled with its touch and her thoughts were flooded with snapshots of what it could bring.”

Tale of Two Collars by Witch of the Wands

This is really interesting piece that compares what her collar now means to her and how it makes to feel versus in a past not so happy relationship. It really highlights how one collar can seem like the other but when you look harder they are actually very different things.

“A collar to me is freedom. The submissive wearing it should feel safe when they wear it. That they know that its okay to be who they are.”


The Silent Orgasm by My Controlled Ascent

The words that go with this image about holiday horn and the need for silent sex are delicious but the image itself totally works for me. The hand over the mouth to shush you is so damn hot

Barefoot on a Bench by A Leap of Faith

Summer is for pretty dresses and no knickers…. and taking pictures sexy pictures out in the wild.

Carnal Flower by Godemiche

I love how the light is playing across her legs and there is something very sexy about seeing that little glimpse of a woman’s pussy between her legs.

Hey Now by Holden and Camille

I have been hankering after a pair of converse for ages and this wonderfully sexy shot only makes me want a pair even more.

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May More July 28, 2018 - 2:14 pm

I was really chuffed when I realised as a judge you had voted for my entry – So thank you for sharing my story. It was this very one that sparked the condom debate on Twitter the other day. I have done my soss about it today, including a link to one of your hot tales x

Camille July 28, 2018 - 2:29 pm

Thank you so much for the mention, Molly! I hope you’re able to get a pair of Converse soon! ~C


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