Trolling the Net #29

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

I know I am not keeping up to my weekly promises, but I decided that madly looking for something to include just so I could post it was not working and so I am resorting to a more laid back, when they happen, type schedule. If you find anything on your travels round the internet that you think is Trolling the Net worthy please do let me know. You can email [email protected] or send me a link on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

1. As it is December lets start off the month with some sexy Christmas reading in the form of Tamsin Flowers Super Erotica Advent Calendar 2015. There is a new story every day, up to and including the 24th December, so you will not run out of sexy things to read but my favourite story so far has to be Tamsin’s opening one, Fallen, a haunting dark tale of the fragility of angels and human resilience and if you enjoy it make sure you return on the 24th of December for the second installment.

2. I think the term sex-positivity is often bandied about without a thought for what it really means. For me being sex positive is basically the same as the saying ‘your kink is not my kink but you kink is OK’ in that is about accepting people for who and what they are. Recently I read a fabulous piece by The Redhead Bedhead called Sex-Positivity, Autonomy and Why I Don’t Sleep With Women. In it she asks herself…

“Was I failing? Can I really call myself sex-positive if I can’t do a belly flop into the middle of a sex party² and be equally happy regardless of who or what I land on?”

Before going on to explore what she believes being sex positive really means. It is a very eloquent and thoughtful piece of writing that I recommend you read.

3. I love finger fucking, it is one of my absolute favourite sex things ever and I am fairly sure is directly related to why I have a thing about men’s hands. When @domsigns were first getting to know one another (he was in the USA and I was here in the UK) one of the first pictures I asked him to send me was of his hands. He happily obliged and I happily masturbated to the image he sent me, imagining those strong, thick, male fingers inside me. It would seem I am not alone in my love of fingers….Check out this deliciously sexy piece Fingers – Please fuck me with just your fingers By Abbie Rode

4. It will come as no surprise to anyone when I say I am a very image driven person and so I am always on the look out for new, interesting photographer especially self-portrait photographs. Last week I discovered the work of Dani Ohsi, based in Brussels he is a street, portrait and documentary photographer but it is his Tumblr blog, Dani Blowup of his self-portrait work that absolutely just blew me away. I love all his work but two of my favourites are Self Portrait #26 and this chilling image Self Portrait #13

5. Did you know that most of the videos on Facebook are essentially stolen content and by watching them you are actually denying the original creator the ability to earn a living so that they can make more videos? Just one more reason why Facebook is bad….

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