Trolling the Net #26

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

A couple of days late but who cares….*don’t answer that

1. Lipstick appears to be popular this week. Firstly on Kristina Lloyd’s site she is giving away a copy of her new book to the person who can match the writer/bloggers to their shade of lipstick. My lips are included in the list…..Competition, match the writer to the lipstick and on Charlie Powell is also running a competition with lipstick as the theme but to be in with a chance of winning that one you have to contact her for a name of a lipstick and write a piece of erotica using the lipstick name as the title. I have requested my lipstick name but so far my brain is a little empty of ideas, but hopefully something will spill forth before the closing date which is the 11th October; Competition: Lippie**

2. This post by Malin James; On Filth sums exactly why I find graveyards and cemeteries such a turn on. Filth my dear readers is about being so very alive and there is nothing more alive than fucking, surrounded by the dead.

3. Now for an in-house announcement. Kink of the Week is back up and running with a lovely new topic which is Cunnilingus. Don’t forget #KOTW is not just for personal experience posts fiction is very welcome too so if you have a delicious little tale featuring cunnilingus then please do link it in. I am also looking for people to write intros and/or suggest kink topics they would like to see covered.

4. Every year ESPN persuades a variety of athletes to strip of and show their naked truth. The result is a series of stunningly beautiful images that show even sports men and women come in all shapes and sizes. 24 athletes who look stunning without clothes

5. My video this week is the most bizarre public service broadcast that I think I have ever seen. From 1969 it appears to be warning people of the dangers of venereal disease but it is being delivered in what feels like a rather conflicting reassuring manner

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