Trolling the Net #74

by Molly Moore
white keyboard keys showing the letters F R V C for trolling the net

Welcome to Trolling the Net 74. Are you ready for some sexy weekend reading? I am sure the answer is yes so here goes….


Slut in the attic by Floss Does Life

It has taken me a long time to be comfortable saying a story like this is as hot as fuck but I now know that finding this hot does not mean I want it to actually happen to me or to anyone else but the fantasy of it; well that is why humans have always told stories to one another so that we explore the darkness in our minds without having to actually keep someone in the attic.

“The fear has changed now. I used to fear him. I feared what he might do to me, what he might be capable off. Now I fear that he might not return one day. I fear that one day he might stop using me, to be cast aside is now my ultimate fear. I never want to leave this place, my place, to some it may be a hovel, to me it has become my home.”

Hatefuck by The Joy as it Flies

Sometimes to read something and it is only when you get to the end you realise you have been holding your breath. This is one of those pieces. I think we all know what a hatefuck is but this piece of writing captures the raw intensity of such a thing.

“Your cunt is sodden, spit dries on your slapped- red cheeks, your neck is collared with his come. Without a word he collides into you. It will end when it needs to. You will dance like a bantamweight away from him to the opposite corner of the ring, duck beneath the ropes and out of the arena, away from him and his battlements.”

Seven Fascinating Facts About Sexual Fantasies by Dr. Lehmiller

As part of the research for his book Dr Lehmiller surveyed 4,175 Americans from all 50 states about their sexual fantasies. This post is a snippet of some of the things he discovered. I am not hugely surprised by the popularity of threesomes in some configuration of other but the bit about how men and women both change their bodies in fantasies just in very different ways.

“Most of us fantasize about changing ourselves in some way in our sex fantasies, whether it’s our genital appearance, our body, our age, or our personality. Interestingly, men and women tend to change themselves in different ways…”

6 Sex Toys That Could (Probably) Kill Zombies by a boi named betty

Are you ready for the Zombie apocalypse? Do you have the right sex toys for this eventually? Not to worry if you don’t because Betty has the perfect guide to get you ready.

“Just because you’re fighting for your life from sunrise to sunrise doesn’t mean you don’t want a good consensual beating now and then. Life was hard before there were cannibalistic corpses roaming the land in search of their next person-shaped meal. Unwind with a hard paddling, and then stroll out of your safe house the next morning wielding some serious wood.”


Hunger & Appetite by Love, Violet

Red, the colour of lust, desire, danger and of course blood. This image seems to be capture all those things.

DOMINATRIX by Pain as pleasure

This is such an awesome picture. The way she is looking directly into the camera is so friggin hot, she looks formidable and captivating but then if you look deeper into the image you see him laying on the bed, waiting for her, and then there is a mini reflection of the whole scene in the tiny mirror. Such a clever image with so many layers

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