Trolling the Net #11

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Thank fuck it is Friday…. this is a weekend I have been so looking forward to because it is going to be jammed packed with absolutely nothing! However, regardless of your weekend plans, hopefully you will have to time to enjoy something from my list this week.

1. Fancy a weekend in Brighton? How about a wax play workshop, some kink shopping, a chance to see some of my photography prints and much much more? If so then the Brighton Fetish Weekend, running from the 10th – 12th April is what you need. We will be there on the Saturday for the Fetish Expo, not only exhibiting some of my photography but also doing a wax play demo and I will taking part in the Erotic reading Slam with Kristina Lloyd and Zac Jane Zeir. Which is where you come in because you can also join us on stage and share you very own erotica. Check out Kristina’s Post for more details about that.

2. How about something for your ears? No, I don’t mean ear-muffs, I mean Curvaceous Dee and I talking about labels, kink, LDR’s, D/s Contracts, and Scavenger Hunting, among other things. She is my most recent guest on the KissCast and it was wonderful so spend time talking to someone who’s blog I had been reading even prior to starting my own.

3. “It all started with a coffee bean …” Yes truly, a euphemism that Chintz Curtain came across in some erotica that she was reading. Coffee bean meaning anus! As a result the #EuphOff was born “a celebration of truly terrible erotica – a collection of euphemistic smut that’ll burn your eyeballs and keep your hands well and truly out of your pants.” At the time of posting this there are 11 links to various people’s pieces which are all totally worth a read, not only as a bit of guide of ‘what not to write when it comes to erotic’ but also for some of the funniest uses of euphemism. They will make you giggle, and be careful if you are consuming any sort of beverage while you read some of them because you may find yourself spurting it out across your computer.

4. I discovered this piece of writing The Mother and The Whore by Juniper Fitzgerald from @remittancegirl tweet this morning in which she said “If you write about sex, you need to read this…. For its depth, its skill, its truth” and she is absolutely right. It is utterly compelling, beautifully written, thought-provoking and deeply moving. I can not urge you enough to read it.

5. And it seems a video is becoming a thing here and so this week it is a song that I love but my real reason for offering it up here is the little montage at the beginning of the various different couples talking about how they met. Hopefully it will warm up the most cynical hearts amongst you


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