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Trolling the Net #27

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Here are this week interesting offerings….

1. Yes the annual round of ‘vote for your favourite sex blog’ is underway. As a general rule I tend to stay away from these things I find that they pit an already small and maligned community against itself in a way that I am not sure is helpful or productive but there are exceptions to this rule and one of those is Rori’s famous 100 Top Sex Bloggers List. This will be the 8th year she has been compiling this amazing list and right now she wants to hear from you, who your favourite sex bloggers are. You can not nominate me as I held the number one spot back in 2012 and so have, along with some others who have also had the honour of being Rori’s number one, been retired from the list. Please do go and nominate others though, this list truly is about giving back to the community. You have until TOMORROW to make your suggestions to Rori

2. I am sure many of my readers will know of The Glass Dildo Shop (@eroticglass) on Twitter. They are a sex toy company specializing in glass dildos and I have over the years featured some of their products here. Sadly it seem that things are not what, or maybe it is more accurate to WHO, they have sold themselves as being and that the ladies who claim to run the company where not ladies at all. A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing by Dangerous Lilly give all the sad and depressing details. How a company deal with something like coming out of the woodwork says a lot about them. The fact they have gone for a huge cover up makes it even worse in my opinion. Needless to say they are a company I will no longer be working with or recommended to others.

3. One of the very first sex bloggers I started reading regularly when I began writing Molly’s Daily Kiss was Curvaceous Dee. Over the years she has been a supportive, inspiring and wonderful part of the sex blogging community. She is one of the longest running participants on Sinful Sunday and she has curated the Scavenger Hunt, a meme that I adore but this week she announced that she will be retiring from sex blogging. She will be greatly missed in my opinion. I do not think there is anyone else in the community who manages to show such joy and happiness when it comes to exploring their body and sexuality and I will miss her greatly. Going out with a bang

4. Last month Jackie Collins sadly passed away. Her death inspired this post, On Jackie, but F dot Leonora. It is a lovely tribute to a woman who was much maligned for her writing and yet so many people, particularly women, read her books. They were wonderful fantasyesque tales of sex, romance, lust and intrigue and Leonora explains brilliantly why she loved Jackie and mourns her passing. In my comment on her piece I reference ‘my Jackie Collins’ another female author of what was termed as bonkbusters, Jilly Cooper and it got me wondering who is or was other people’s guilty pleasures when it comes to ‘trashy novels’.

5. Lastly my video this week and wow what a woman, I can’t even do this now and I am 43 but if I am half this fit at 86 I will be very happy indeed.


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  • f dot leonora

    while i am thankful you mentioned me, and number five is something to aspire to!–i am so sad about Dee…i just have no words…

  • Marie Rebelle

    I am going to miss Dee so much!

    Thanks for sharing the video. It’s brilliant!

    Rebel xox

  • Flip

    I’m another who’ll miss Dee and her blog, very much.


  • Curvaceous Dee

    *big hugs* Thank you for your lovely words, Molly. It means a lot to me!

    xx Dee

  • Jane

    Wow. How did I miss Dee’s news?! I’m so sad she’s no longer going to be blogging but, at the same time, am really excited for her and her new career. Thanks, Molly, for including this in the round-up – I would have hated to find out after she’d closed her blog.


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