Nature’s Magic

By on October 18, 2015.

When I head out to take some pictures I will often have a vague destination in mind but more often than not I will just walk and see what catches my eye. I have a number of woodlands I regularly go to but I am always expanding my locations in the hunt for something new, special, perfect. My images are rarely planned in detail, mostly they are the formed in the moment, dictated by the scene nature provides.  I have found that true inspiration nearly always lays off the beaten track and so I tend to leave the path and head off into the heart of the woods. Sometimes it is a fruitless trip but sometimes I stumble across something that nature appears to have created just for me and so I set about trying to capture something of the essence of a place, how it makes me feel, how it sounds, how is smells, its suggestions of time and patience, its raw magical beauty. Some places are easier than others, some times it is easier than others, weather and light can ruin or alternatively make a picture. Some times, some places and me just come together perfectly.

Molly sitting naked in bow of tree in woodlandSinful Sunday badge


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  1. I don;t mean to sound like a broken record, but this is awesome.

    The balance between you and the trees is just perfect.

  2. I love the fact that your naked but we can only imagine what you look like in this photo it is amazing

  3. Jane’s just taken the words out of my mouth…

    You are pure, sensual wood nymph in this absolutely stunning shot. I adore the contrast of your pale skin against the crisp – yet muted – autumnal palate.

    ~M x
    Cheeky Minx recently posted..Hide and SeekMy Profile

  4. Absolutely magical, Molly. As other’s have said, you are a sleeping fairy, a thoughtful wood nymph. Whatever you want to call it, it is certain that you are a beautiful creature of the forest. I love your outdoor photos so much!

  5. Once again I am blown away by your bravery to take these photos in public areas!
    I love nature and trees in particular and absolutely love this image of you nestled in this gorgeous tree.
    Molly… Can I be you when I grow up?
    Kat x
    Kat recently posted..Dark AngelMy Profile

    • Thank you Charlie, I do try. Sometimes a place or setting just lends itself so perfectly, like this one and other times it can be more of a challenge


  6. Certainly reminds me of the stories of fairies at the bottom of the garden. It’s like you are a fairy made human for the purposes of some quest…

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