Trolling the Net #51

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Welcome to Trolling the Net 51. So last week was all about bold, beautiful kick arse women so I thought it would be fun this week to do a male version. So for your reading/viewing pleasure I present….


Boarding School Survivor by Pain as Pleasure

This is a really raw and honest piece by @bibulousone that looks at his experience in youth of being sent to boarding and how that has potentially shaped the relationships he has had in adulthood. Like much of his writing it shows a huge amount of emotional intelligence and I commend him for writing and sharing it.


Guitar by May More

All I have to say is there is something very sexy about a man who plays the guitar.

He Knows How to Relax by Kayla Lords

I love this candid portrait of John Brownstone. It really does capture him just chilling out and looking very sexy whilst doing so.

Shoulder by Kilted Wookie

I am really glad KW reposted this image with a tighter crop on his shoulder because I think it is incredibly sexy. I love how you can see the bulge of his bicep and the definition in his back and the way his body hair is clinging to him shows that it was probably taken post shower.

His smile makes me smile by Hey Mrs Robinson

And the title is absolutely perfect because his smile, which is beautiful and playful and warm and joyful did the exact same thing to me. I really love this image.

Hot and Wet Husband by Sexilicious Ash

Yep, he most definitely is both hot and wet and I love the full view of his body that we get from our position down on the floor.

The Calm before the Storm by Elliot Henry

This is definitely one of the best images that I think Elliot has posted recently. It has a sensual beauty to it that I really like and it is just a really excellent photograph too.

Absorbed by Miss Scarlett

I do love ‘in the moment’ shots and this is a brilliant one of those.

Shiny by Steeled Snake

Just go look, that is all I am going to say.

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