Trolling the Net #90

by Molly Moore
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And I am back with another edition of Trolling the Net #90 which is round up of words and pictures that I think you should check out too. Yes I have been crap at posting these and I can’t promise that pattern won’t continue but yet again I shall try to do better


Read To Me by Tall, Dark and Dominant

I have had this open in browser since back in November when I was reading blogs for the Top 100 Sex Blogs list. Yes I am aware that it was published back in the earlier part of last year but I have read it through a few times now and there is just something so intimate and sexy about the moment he describes here that makes me shift in my seat a little.

“Once he pulls out this chair and sits down in it, sometimes crossing his legs, sometimes not, always burning a hole through her chest with those searing dark eyes of his – once he sits, he would always say those few words. Read to me.”

Owned by KnkStriped

This is another post that has been open in my browser since I first discovered it back in October. The whole thing just throbs with lusty greed but the last two paragraphs in particular speak so very loudly to my kinks in particular my love of being used and consensual non consent play. She just captures it so fucking perfectly

“You’re poised and ready; the instant I have settled myself into place, you step forward and nail me in place, hard and deep. Thrusting with brisk and callous efficiency, digging claw-hands into the soft padding around my hips, you do exactly what you said you would, fuck me, like it’s your right and your due, shoving my head down into the cushion to muffle my squeaks of encouragement.”

Obscene Ideas

Having trouble coming up with ideas of what to write? Well Kayla and I have tried to answer this question with our new project Obscene Ideas. At the moment we have our first workbook that is centred around erotic fiction but very soon that will be joined by our second work that is all about self reflection. Subscribe to the website and you will be the first to know when that launches.

February PhotoFest

Yes I know it is only just January but in my experience February will be with us very soon and that means it will be time for February Photofest: A sex, sensual erotic image for every day of the month. If you are a blogger and want to join in then visit the February Photofest page that explains exactly how it works and also there is a funky new blog badge for 2021


Happy Holiday’s Lovelies by Love is a Fetish

I am fairly sure that a Christmas jumper never looked so fucking sexy before. Also Nikki is just so damn hot and I love all her images.

A Girl and Her Dragon by Blue Submisson

This has so many things I love all in one picture; rope, suspension, outdoor sexy photography and a tree that is quite frankly the thing fairy tales are made of!

Advent 2020 by Happy Come Lucky

Honey posted all these image on a Twitter. A naughty advent count down of delights but she has reposted them all here in case you missed that or are not a Twitter person. Click on the image and you can scroll through all her fabulous festive offerings

My Twitter 365

Back in May I started a self portrait 365 on my Twitter account in a bid to help get through lock down and keep me feeling in touch with my body and my creativity. If you are on Twitter and have missed it the thread starts here: Let the day begin and so far we are up to Day 222. It is a long thread but I am super proud of this little daily project and will definitely be seeing it all the way through to day 365!

January Jumpstart 2021 Blog badge

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