Trolling the Net #19

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS


1. “Have you ever thought about writing something real? You know, something important?”

I have been asked a version of this question so many times, both as a writer of erotic fiction but most often in reference to my blog and writing about my own sex life and sexuality. Answering a question that is so loaded with judgement is never easy but today Guy New York totally nailed it as far as I am concerned.

I write erotica to turn you on and to turn myself on. I write it to explore desires that confuse and upset me, and I write it to fight back against cultural institutions and messaging that tell me those things are wrong. I write erotica to feel, to experience, and to learn. ~ In Defense of Erotica, Guy New York

2. This is an interesting piece written by Maria about the fine line between vulnerability and neediness. I can’t say I like the message of ‘woman need to be vulnerable for a man to find them attractive’ that the Christian book is preaching but I do think the idea that we all need to share some truths of ourselves, regardless of gender, to the people in our lives in order to form deep connections is true. Vulnerability and Questionable Advice by Maria Open’s Up

3. In the last Trolling the Net I linked you to a piece of fiction by Malin James with the warning that it was a great big story hook but now you can be released from hanging on that hook as she has written part 2 and the final installment, part 3.

4. Am I masochistic submissive, or am I a submissive masochist? is a fascinating piece by @ht_honey about the interrelationship between her masochism and submission; a relationship she seems to have really picked apart and analysed allowing her to write this very well crafted piece. I am not sure I could write so eloquently on this subject.

5. Ever wondered about how condoms are manufactured? I bet you didn’t know it involves a piece of equipment called a Mandril

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Jade A. Waters June 13, 2015 - 8:06 pm

Fabulous collection, Molly! That “In Defense of Erotica” piece, in particular, is fantastic! XX


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