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Silhouettes of a night

silhouette of molly lit from behind kneeling naked on the bed looking into the camera

“I’ve always been intrigued by cutout silhouettes. They are so intriguing, so poetic-the shadow of a soul. They tell everything about a character and they are open to be filled with one’s own imagination.”
~ Ann Demeulemeester

As soon as I walked into the room and switched on the lights round the bed I knew that this was going to be the perfect place to take a picture for this months Sinful Sunday prompt. Which in case you didn’t know is silhouettes.

I set up my camera, shed my clothes and got to work. I took a lot of pictures. Some naked, like this one and some in lingerie that will appear here in time but this one turned out to be the best silhouette picture.

However the best thing about this image is that when I look at it reminds me of that night and that about 2 hours after taking this shot I was getting well and truly fucked in that bed. You see a silhouette of me and I see silhouettes of a night, a night full of promise and pleasure.

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  • LittleSwitchBitch

    “I see silhouettes of a night, a night full of promise and pleasure.” – this is truly one of the main reasons I love taking images. Being able to look back and remember. For those few minutes get completely lost somewhere else <3

  • Chrisy

    Such a beautiful image. I love all the shadows! I am learning to embrace shadows because light is needed to make them!

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Perfectly provocatively entrancing photo … and I’m sure it does hold lovely memories for you!!!

    Xxx – K

  • Julie

    I love the light and shadows of this image. Beautiful xx

  • Victoria Blisse

    I love the image but I also love the story that goes with it, beautiful and evocative.

  • NPE

    Awesome shot, reminds me of a backlit computer chip socket, spawning a Weird Science cyber goddess!

  • Bee

    That lighting is just perfect for this!

  • elliott henry

    I’m getting eyestrain. Provocative look.

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