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Precious Bathroom Moments

Looking up at Molly sitting on the toilet

“If I want to be alone, some place I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom.” ~ Alicia Keys

I don’t do praying and to be honest I rarely write in the bathroom either, although it has been known but it is definitely a space that I do use at times to disappear. Of course a bath is an ideal time for some self loving but we have a busy house and for reasons that are beyond me, Mum being in the bath is often the perfect time to talk to her.

However there are those precious moments in the morning, currently as it is school holidays everyone else is still fast asleep and I pad naked across the landing (because clothes are definitely optional in this house because naked is normal and natural) the sunlight is streaming in through the window, the view of the garden beyond is calming and tranquil and I sit there and have my morning pee and take a few peaceful moments to contemplate life, the universe and everything. It is a precious time of my day.

This week I got myself a new phone, my old one was literally on its last legs. The new one, A Galaxy S10e, has a brilliant camera on it, both front and back and all sorts of funky camera options which I have not even started exploring yet but the very first morning I had it I sat on the toilet and worked out how to use the timer setting, put the camera on the floor and the resulting image is one I am really pleased with. I think me and this phone are gonna get on just fine.

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  • PurpleSole

    Toilet time is so precious, I totally get this.

  • Victoria Blisse

    Oh, I know these moments. They are precious indeed.

  • Accidental Masturbator

    I think you’ll need lots and lots and lots of practice with that camera. 😉

    A friend of mine, on having children, commented that he hadn’t anticipated the toilet and supermarket becoming places of sanctuary.

    (And your absolutely right about the virtues of domestic nudity. I may be the only one to see it that way in this house, but I’ll be damned if I’ll teach the next generation to be ashamed of their bodies.)

  • May More

    Loving all the detail we get from this shot – and the angle you are holding your head x

  • Marie Rebelle

    It really is a beautiful image!

    Rebel xox

  • LittleSwitchBitch

    Molly, I hope you enjoy learning to use your new phone, while we enjoy the images you share x

  • Focused and Filthy

    I love this image. Often the bathroom is my retreat. And in our house naked is normal too.
    Loving the new phone camera.
    Missy x

  • Lexy

    Beautiful light and framing in this shot. Your words echo the mood(s) you describe with your words, too …

    • Lexy

      * your words echo the mood in the image, I mean (and vice versa).

      And you’ve somehow made the toilet elegant!

  • Jupiter Grant

    Great photo, and something that resonates with any parent! Lovely concept.

  • Mr S

    Love the photo and can relate to the quiet moments we take in busy lives, especially quiet holiday mornings.

  • Modesty Ablaze

    It is such a lovely photo . . . and perfectly captures those “precious” moments that you mention.
    Lovely !!!
    Xxx – K

  • NPE

    Yay, can’t wait for more photos!

  • HappyComeLucky

    As someone who has shared a hotel room with 2 of my 3 offspring for the last few days, I am feeling just how precious these bathroom moments are even more intently.

    Brilliant image and it captures life.

  • Cara Thereon

    This photo is literal art!

  • Bee

    Whilst I’m lucky I don’t need the sanctuary at home, I do frequently hide in the toilets at work for a bit of quiet time.

  • kisungura

    I LOVE this and totally relate. I love sitting looking out the gap in the window to the street outside, fiddling with my belly and boobs, thinking of the day ahead or the day just gone. Precious pause indeed.

  • eye

    There is so much poignancy in this image. I am possibly projecting but it has a wistful, timeless feel to it and I love it!

  • Lorena

    I live in studio in NY with my husband! toilet time is my favorite time! <3

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