Trolling The Internet III

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

I know it has been a while since I have done one of these, life has been a bit hectic but that doesn’t mean I have not been trolling on your behalf. Want to see what I have found?

1. Check out this interesting project called Naked People. The idea is to show just what people look like beneath their clothes. No Photoshop, no posing, just everyday people, clothed and then naked. Put your cursor over the clothed individual and their naked form will slowly be revealed. We so need more honest body imagery like this in our lives.

2. Are you a writer/blogger? Do you have a professional/pen name that is different from your legal name? Many of us do and for a whole variety of reasons. It is an interesting topic and one I will be writing about myself soon but in the meantime check out this post from Ruby Kiddell: Where does Ruby End? Identity and Sex Blogging

3. While we are on the subject of Ms Kiddell don’t forget that it is only a matter of months until Eroticon2014 which will be a 2 day event in Bristol UK. You can still get early bird tickets and having looked myself there are some really good early deals on hotels going as well. This is a such a great event and will be my 4th Eroticon and yes having seen a sneak preview of the weekend plans can say, with some authority, that like all the Eroticon’s that have gone before it is not to be missed.

4. Are you a parent? Might you be a parent one day? No parenting plans at all? Regardless of your parenting status this post by Malflic: Explaining My Lifestyle in an Age Appropriate Way Part 1 Everyday Things is essential reading. He takes on the topic of parenting and sex education with great style and honesty. I envy his daughters such a father. I doubt they fully appreciate his honesty and candor right now, but I am fairly sure in years to come they will look back on this subject and their parents attitude to it and realise just how lucky they were.

Part two of his series on this topic is also now published: Explaining My Lifestyle in an Age Appropriate Way Part 2 The Specific Things I’ve Done

5. And finally check out Harper Eliot’s post on Life on the Swingset: For Molly: Unconventional Threesome Dynamics. It is a beautifully worded piece about my relationship with Harper and, as she calls, it our ‘Unconventional Threesome Dynamic’.




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