My vagina casting by Jamie McCartney

9th May 2012

As I mentioned in yesterdays introduction to the Pussy Pride guest post this Friday will be the one year anniversary of The Pussy Pride Project and so it seems very apt that tomorrow night we are off into London to the private viewing night of Jamie McCartney’s Skin Deep exhibition. I am very excited about this and honoured to have been invited to this guest list only event as not only will it feature his new project Physical Photography it is also debut gallery exhibition of his groundbreaking work The Great Wall Of Vagina.

In case you don’t know The Great Wall of Vagina is the reason I started The Pussy Pride Project. After reading about the artists motivation for his work and the increasing number of woman who are unhappy with the physical appearance of their pussy I decided that I had a unique opportunity to bring together writers, bloggers and anyone else for that matter together to share their many varied tales of their pussy’s or in the male contributors (of which there have been nowhere near enough) their experiences with pussy’s.

When I first launched the project I had absolutely no idea if anyone would join in but slowly and surely the word spread and the number of people linking into the project grew and alongside them have been a number of amazing guest posts that I have had the pleasure of hosting here on Molly’s Daily Kiss. However the icing on the cake of this whole project have been the number of private messages I have received from women who have found the Pussy Pride Project and contacted me to thank me and to tell me how discovering the project has had such a positive effect on them, and their body image.

Every since I first read about The Great Wall of Vagina I have wanted to meet Jamie and to see the sculpture in person. A few months ago one of these long-held ambitions was met when I got invited by Sarah Berry of Fannies Rule to come and meet Jamie AND even more exciting to get my pussy cast for some his private commission work he was doing. It was a wonderful evening of wine and giggles shared with Sarah and a number of other ladies from her Fannies Rule group and of course Jamie himself. I have to say getting my pussy cast was a slightly surreal experience. Having a man you have only just met in person for the first time smearing cold cream into all the nooks and creases of your pussy really does make for an ice breaker when it comes to social interaction.

Getting my vagina cast by Jamie McCartney

One way to go to know someone…

Getting my vagina cast by Jamie McCartney

The blue gloop was surprisingly cold considering it was made with warm water but I endured for ‘the art’.

Getting my vagina cast bu Jamie McCartney

Waiting for it dry. Check out the sexy socks!

My vagina casting by Jamie McCartney

My pussy immortalised in blue gloop!

So it seems somehow fitting that this week, to coincide with the one year anniversary of my Pussy Pride Project I will get to fulfil another of my long-held ambitions and that is to see The Great Wall Of Vagina in all it’s beautiful pussy glory for the first time in the flesh. The exhibition runs from the 8th May to June 2nd in the Hayhill Gallery in London and if you are in London I really do urge you to stop by and take a look at Jamie’s work, maybe it might inspire you just as it did me or at the very least instil you with a new-found awe and love for this most beautiful and unique of body parts


Ps… To mark the one year anniversary of my Pussy Pride Project I would like to run a series of guest posts on this subject and I would particularly like to hear from a few male contributors so if you are interested please do get in touch or click the Pussy Pride Badge below to find out more about this project

Pps… Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with Wanton Wednesday.

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Jana Twisk May 9, 2012 - 10:31 am

I had not yet heard about this project and artwork, thank you so much for sharing.

It must’v been such a fun experience to get your cunt cast, and such a lovely cunt it is.

xoxo Jana

Hyacinth May 9, 2012 - 5:01 pm

Wow! That’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen it “in action” before.

Jilly May 9, 2012 - 5:09 pm

As soon as I’m in London, I’m getting my arse to the gallery. It was one of the most fun experiences of my entire life and to see the results would be incredible.

Happy one year of Pussy Pride!


Penny May 9, 2012 - 6:54 pm

I’m jealous! If I were in London I would love to have my pussy in such an awesome art project! So awesome and sexy!

Curvaceous Dee May 9, 2012 - 9:07 pm

That looks cold – but also a whole lot of fun! Go you 🙂

xx Dee

Jack and Jill May 9, 2012 - 10:36 pm

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were previously unaware. In fact, It’s never crossed my mind that a woman might be unhappy with the appearance of her pussy, although I suppose it’s no different than a man who is displeased with the appearance or size of his cock. As a man who has seen his share of vaginas, I can honestly say that I’ve never been turned off by the appearance of one. We hope you have a wonderful time viewing The Great Wall of Vagina tomorrow night.

Oh, and your pussy casting looks almost as delightful and delicious as your actual pussy.


Mrs. M May 10, 2012 - 12:23 am

LOVE THIS! My best friend hated the way her pussy looked at one point. She actually had parts of it lipsuctioned (while having a tummy tuck). This broke my heart. I don’t think my pussy is the most beautiful and I have seen others and wished mine looked like theirs, but it’s mine! I love it and I know that it is like no one else’s. Thanks for sharing!

Rebel May 10, 2012 - 10:30 am

WOW! This looks like such a nice experience. I still want to write for this project. Made a mental note not to forget it 🙂
Rebel xox

KaziGrrl May 11, 2012 - 3:23 am

I have to add my WOW! what a cool project. I’ve cast other body parts for art (and therapy!) before but never the nether regions 🙂

~Kazi xxx


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