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Submissive woman looking up

I want to please you…

Down on my knees before you, my wrists tied behind my back. I search your face, seeking approval for my place here, beneath you

Lower than you I sit with pride, for here on this floor I am fulfilled in a role that pleases me, pleasing you.

I want to learn you…

Every time that you touch me I know you just that little bit more. When you take me you also give something of yourself.

I am greater than just me, here on my knees, I am us and I know this because you have taught me

I want to be more…

Nourished by your touch I lean in towards you asking for this. Anticipation creates a hunger that I yearn for you to feed.

You feast on me, savagely consuming what you wish. You take, I give, together we dine on us.

I want things I cannot speak of…

My mind contains a darkness that scares me with its longing. Breathless denials escape my lips, yet truth is all you know of me

I am torn open by your light. My darkness spills out, you hold me and whisper the gospel of me into my ears.

I want forever…

Time is our enemy and also our prize. Without time we have nothing and in time we will face nothing, together.

There is never enough of this and it is almost too much. In you I find a me that is more than I knew and in me I am more than you knew you were too.


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  • Cheeky Minx

    Excess, deficiency, the need for the unspeakable, the craved, the unimagined… I know it all in my body and bones and desiring soul.

    But the way you speak it, whisper it here, the way you capture yourself in this state of want and giving bathed in a sultry and tender Prussian Blue, is truly perfect.

    ~Minx x

  • Mina Lamieux


  • Twisted Angel

    Completeness, the adjoining of another kindred soul who needs us as much as we need them. Beautiful and wanton with want and need and fulfillment of the truth that is you and he to make the we.

  • fridayam

    That’s just glorious;) x

  • Malflic

    Your eyes and expression matches the words so perfectly.

  • Marie Rebelle

    Your love is so beautiful to witness 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • Rachel Kincaid

    A beautiful poem, your ability with words is truly exceptional.

    Rachel x

  • KaziGrrl

    Words beautifully woven to express that emotion… the same emotion I see in those eyes.

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Hope Always

    Truly wonderful, Image and words entwined as one. x

  • Dumb Domme

    Lovely, Molly. The aesthetics, the words, the emotions… just lovely.

  • Sam Weston

    I have chills after reading this amazing poem. Thank you for sharing.

  • Harper Eliot

    That last line is so unbelievably beautiful.

  • inner-grace

    Molly, your heartfelt words are truly inspiring. There is nothing I can add from the comments above except I wish you you those feelings of togetherness for all time xxx

  • Jeff

    Beautiful, and I have actually bookmarked this for later. I love the very last line of this poem, it really left me speechless. Thank you so much for sharing with the community!

  • Lee

    Wow, lovely. =D

    If only I were so lucky as the photographer 😉

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