Raw Pride – A Guest Post

by Molly Moore

11th May 2012

The Pussy Pride Project is one year old today and in celebration of that I am hosting a very special guest post from the award-winning sex blogger Cara Sutra. Not only does Cara write her wonderful blog but she is also in the process of building an online forum community on her blog. One of the things I love about sex bloggers and people who are interested in exploring their sexuality is that they tend to form and develop positive and welcoming communities and Cara’s new forums are a perfect example of this.

“If you love having fun online and getting involved with sexy chat  – the Cara Sutra forum is where you need to be! This all new and exciting community area has recently been created to help like-minded people get together and discuss issues that are important and relevant to them. From relationship and sex issues, sex toy comparisons, blogging and affiliate help to general gossip and daily chatter, the Cara Sutra forum offers a neutral area for honest answers to important questions and to enjoy time with friends old and new.”

I asked Cara to write today’s post as I knew she would write something honest, raw and open that would fit in perfectly with the theme of Pussy Pride and I wasn’t wrong…


A Personal Exploration of Pussy Pride

Vulva, vagina, minge, pussy, flange, snatch, cunt, love tunnel, minnie, clam, beaver. Whatever you call it, all women have one.

How do you feel about yours?

Writing this article for the Pussy Pride Project has prompted me to think about my pussy in ways I perhaps have neglected to in the past. Am I actually proud of my pussy? Well, yes. I am.

Thinking about it, my pussy has always been there for no-one else but me. Although it can give pains, worries, a monthly bout of a bloody mess that quite frankly I could do without, it also has facilitated the birth of my beautiful son as well as obviously providing the central focus of my sexual pleasure.

With male genitalia there is a cultural dwelling upon male comparisons, the size, length, girth of the penis. The size and weight of the balls. The stamina in sexual performance. How the ‘package’ looks in certain clothing. What is there for women, for the pussy?

I find terms such as ‘cunt’ and ‘snatch’ particularly derogatory. My pussy, vulva and vaginal areas are beautiful things. They are capable of so much more than being a vessel, a receptacle for the centuries idolised male phallus. The female sexual organs are to be cherished.

This is not to say I want my pussy on show for any Tom, Dick or Harry. In fact where requests for pictures of my pussy are concerned, I am mainly sought out by the Dicks of this world, it seems, than the Toms or Harrys.

My pussy is a privately cherished area for the sexual partners I choose, to enjoy and savour at our leisure. I enjoy it being special for us, just as I don’t want to share their sacred areas with every/anyone else either.

In recent times I have come to be more accepting of my pussy than I had previously. The appearance is not, what I would call ‘Hollywood Perfection’ – the labia are longer than I would like, I’d love the skin colour lighter – but I would not get surgery on my pussy. It may not be everyone’s idea of aesthetically perfect, but it’s MY pussy and I am strangely loyal due to all our experiences together.

I wish I could get waxed all the time but I don’t. I shave as much as I can. Women differ on their opinions of pubic hair. Personally I like my pussy as bare as I can make it. In fact, I don’t like hair on women anywhere from the neck down! No, raging media. This is not due to some inner perverted need to be a child, pandering to the needs of porn-fed, pussy cheapening males in society, nor a refusal of accepting my sexual stance as an adult. I simply like the smooth feel – sorry!

I am amazed at the versatility of my pussy. For the last couple of years I have enjoyed a step-up with regards to my personal sex life, having found a male and female partner to enjoy. My sex life, as well as an overwhelming love, has flourished.

From her Dominant lesbian fisting, the triumphant gleam upon her beautiful and victorious face, to him only agreeing to fuck my pussy after he has made sure it will hurt with a glass spiked mace dildo and consequently a pool of blood from my torn cervix – my pussy has not only survived these perverted sexual adventures but heals and is eager for more.

I am a mother. 7 years ago the seed of life that had been growing in my womb finally made his appearance, stretching down through the birth canal, till the crowning and the glorious, searing moment of his entry to this world – all made possible by my flexible and under-appreciated pussy.

Now, I am pregnant once more. My womb stretches a little more each day. My cervix seals off my womb for our new one’s safety. With baby shut away, my pussy can still be a source of great sexual pleasure for my partners and I. I find this fact amazing, don’t you?

It is a point of personal preference that I will not share pictures of my pussy with anyone other than my sexual partners. Do not mistake this for not being proud of my pussy, oh, I certainly am.

From the childhood stages of growth, through the puberty years, having my first period, realising I hate them but they are a necessary part of a woman’s life, up to the happiness it has helped me achieve in the last couple of years, my pussy has experienced much and is still thriving, active and ready for more.

Yes, I can say wholeheartedly that I am indeed proud of my pussy. I sincerely hope all women out there feel the same way.

I’d like to give a special thank you to Molly, for hosting the Pussy Pride Project, another fantastic vehicle for body positivity and also raising awareness of these important feminine issues.



Click on Cara’s signature above to find her site or  Join the Cara Sutra forum here and dive into the fun!

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Harper Eliot May 12, 2012 - 12:07 pm

Brilliantly written. So beautiful.

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