Sexy Ways to Explore a Foot Fetish – Guest Post

by Molly Moore
Hand holding a foot and massaging the base with the words Sexy Ways to Explore a Foot Fetish

Foot fetish has different subgroups. Some people are attracted to specific shoes or toenail polish, while others see it as a power exchange in BDSM. Like all sex practices, foot fetishism is influenced by cultures worldwide. 

If you are looking for a sexy way to explore your foot fetish, there are plenty of ways to do it. Some of these ways include: 

Massage the feet

Foot massages are sexy are a good place to start. With massage oil or lotion and all the nerve endings in the feet, a foot massage can be anything from relaxing to erotic.

To explore your foot fetish with a sex partner, ask them whether you can massage their feet.

When you get consent from your partner, set the right environment. You should play relaxing music, dim the lights, and ensure the room temperature is comfortable.

You should then get high-quality oil that will help reduce friction and make the massage more enjoyable for your partner. When massaging, use a combination of long strokes, circular motions, and pressure points to massage the feet. 

Ensure that you vary the pressure and intensity of your touch based on your partner’s preferences. 

Many people with foot fetishes enjoy massaging and playing with their toes, so pay more attention to the toes and use gentle pressure to massage them.

Like any other sexual activity, communication is key when you have a fetish play. Regularly check in with your partner and ask them if they are enjoying it and if there is anything they would like you to do differently.

Bring feet into your BDSM play.

If you are into BDSSM, there are plenty of ways to bring feet into the mix. One of these ways is through foot bondage.

Here you tie up your partner’s feet, usually with rope or restraints. This can be a form of domination or submission and a way to restrict movement or enhance sensory stimulation.

You should then spank, lick, suck, feather, flog, and do anything you can with feet. 

Explore forced feminization with high-heeled shoes

You can always engage in forced feminization if you admire high-heeled shoes. From the name, you play a game where your partner forces you to wear high-heeled shoes. 

The fact that you are being kinky doesn’t mean that you should be hurt in the process. To ensure you are comfortable and free of injury, always wear fitting shoes. 

To create a more immersive and enjoyable experience, incorporate other feminine elements, such as makeup, clothing, or accessories.

To keep the experience under control, set rules to follow during the play.

Get a foot job

Foot jobs are the ultimate jack-off for those with foot fetishes. And it’s for a reason—they are incredibly pleasurable when done right.  

If you want to explore a foot job, discuss it with your partner and ask for their consent.

Before engaging in any sexual activity, ensure that the feet are clean and well-groomed. It also doesn’t hurt to trim your toenails to avoid accidental scratches.

If this is the first time you are doing it, it will be awkward as feet are not as dexterous as hands, but you shouldn’t give up. 

You don’t have to get it right the first time—you should keep practising until you can give or receive a perfect foot job

Play around with foot smells.

If you love exploring the different foot smells, you should discuss with your partner what smells and sensations you are comfortable with and make sure that you both have a clear understanding of each other’s boundaries.

You also should avoid any activities that may cause harm or injury, such as using chemicals or substances that may be dangerous to inhale. 

Put on some stockings and pantyhose.

Stockings and pantyhose can add a new layer of sensation and visual appeal to foot fetish play, so if you have always loved them, there is no harm in introducing them to the play. 

You can wear or have your partner wear the stockings. Of course, you should choose the design and color you love and find attractive.  

As much as stockings and pantyhoses appear harmless, they have their fair share of risks. For example, when you wear extremely tight accessories, they can come in the way and prevent efficient blood flow. 

To avoid circulation issues and discomfort, always take breaks. 

Lick the boot

It’s not unusual to see someone on all fours licking a pair of shiny leather boots in a leather sex club. If you love boots, you will be attracted to the smell of wax and polish, and there is no reason you shouldn’t lick them.

You should get a good pair of boots and lick them with your partner wearing them. If you love licking a stranger’s boot, such as in a sex club, ask first.

Licking is a sign of subservience and ownership if you already have a BDSM relationship.

You should lick the boot as a service, which is a fun and sexy way to share power that can be used in many different ways. As a boot lover, go with high boots, as they shine better.

Find people to play with

Whether you are single or a couple, you can take your fetish to another level by asking other people with a similar kink and asking them to play with you. 

Excellent places to meet these people are in sex clubs near you. There are also plenty of online forums and communities where you can find people to share your fetish with. 

When interacting with strangers, avoid being weird and always respect their boundaries. As always, don’t do anything without getting consent first. 

Explore a Foot Fetish – There you have it

These are some of the sexy ways you can explore your foot fetish. Of course, you can explore the fetish alone, but for the best outcome, bring your partner along. 

As mentioned, always be respectful and maintain open lines of communication to ensure you are on the same page. 

You can explore your fetishes offline or online by visiting sites such as Love Her Feet.

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