Cuckqueening times

by Molly Moore
Half of mollys face with one of eye looking directly into the camera and purple highlights showing in her hair for post about cuckqueening

This piece does use gender terms to talk about this kink as I am writing about it in relation to me and my experiences with regards to cuckqueening which has been with a male partner with a penis and the person joining us being a woman with a vulva.

Writing this piece was a bit of a challenge because a bit like the inspection kink topic recently this one has some serious hot buttons for me and picking that apart and making sense of it all felt challenging. Also, this kink can be complicated for me, there are potential parts of cuckqueening that are hard limits to me. I don’t want to be humiliated, apart from when I do, or left whilst he goes off with her. Writing about it saying I want this but not that, but some of this and none of that and don’t do this…. It feels complex and it is. So I started with a thought, a gateway cuckqueening fantasy if you like and went from there…

She is naked on the bed, legs spread, looking down her body to the foot of the bed. You are standing, trousers discarded and your shirt open but still on your shoulders. Forgotten in our haste. I am kneeling at your feet my hot hungry mouth wrapped round your dick. Your eyes flit from watching me sucking you to watching her laying there, her fingers ideally circling her clit. I can see the little muscles in your jaw working as you clench your teeth in an attempt to stay in control. I take you further into my throat and let out a little moan. the vibrations make you twitch and you grab at my hair and pull my head back. Your eyes are filled with need and want.

“Do you want this?” I ask her as I guide your dick between her thighs. She nods up at me, a series of little jerks of her head

I rub the head of your cock through the folds of her cunt, from her clit down to her opening and back again. She is sticky wet and her juices cling to the tip of your shaft. She groans as she feels your pressing slightly at her cunt.

“Say it” I tell her. “Say you want him to fuck you while I watch”

She looks up at me, a smile on her lips. We have talked about this. She gets it. She knows I want this. That I want to watch him take her, that I want to hold his cock and guide it into her. That I want to kiss him while he fucks her and have him tell me she feels so good. That I was a good girl for finding her. That I will get my reward later but for now he is going to enjoy her while I watch. That I want to hear her moan as he uses her and cry out in pain when he hurts her. I want to watch it all.

“Fuck me, she finally says. Fuck your cock into me while she watches.”

I guide him into her, just before I take my hand away I allow one of my fingers to slide in her her alongside his cunt. It’s tight and hot and when I pull my hand away my finger glistens with her juices. I put my finger to my nose and smell her and then I pop my finger into my mouth and taste her. A moan fill the room. It is me, it is him, it is her. A collective sound of lust from all of us.

My cuckqueening fantasy often goes like this but sometimes

Sometimes I am tied to a chair, naked, impaled on a dildo. Sometimes I have a hand free so I can touch myself and make myself come, over and over, but other times my hands are bound and I grind against the chair or the toy desperate for relief as he fucks her. Sometimes when he done he comes over and finishes on me, sometimes he covers her with his jizz and I cry out with with want and sadness that she got it and not me. Sometimes he comes over and inspects my cunt and then fingers me to orgasm, sometimes she comes over and makes me come with her mouth.

Sometimes I lay on the bed next to her and use a dildo, fucking myself to the same rhythm he fucks her. Some times he reaches across and slides fingers into me, telling me how dirty I am for wanting to see this. How good she feels and how much how hard he is gonna fuck me late while I tell him how how much hot it was watching him fuck someone else.

Sometimes I hold her down while he takes her and sometimes he holds me down while she fucks me with a strap on.

Sometimes I have talk her into it and reassure her while she is fucking him.

Sometimes I listen at the door or watch through a keyhole or crack in the door frame. But I always get found out. They know I am there. (This one actually happened once and I wrote a story based on it; Private Eyes)

Sometimes they talk about me while they fuck. How desperate I am for them to touch me. How much I want his cock too. How much they love seeing me needy and aching. How she is going to make me cum with his cum dripping out of her. Or use his cum as lube to fuck me with. Sometimes we discuss her. What a good fuck she is. What pretty noises she makes when he rams into her. How she moans when I touch her clit. Sometimes he asks me to if he should come in her or save it for me.

Sometimes I lay down and she kneels over me. Her cunt is just above my face and I watch from underneath as he slides his dick into her. I lick his balls and the base of dick, tasting her on him every time he pulls out a little.

Things that never happen….

Things that I wouldn’t want to happen when it comes to cuckqueening is maybe the better way of phrasing it.

It never involves anyone being humiliated for not being good enough, or bad at sex, or not sexy enough, or too old or too fat or too boring etc. Everyone is honoured for their role in this sexy cuckqueening play.

It never involves him leaving with her or me being left to sleep alone. Everyone is cared for afterwards and there are snuggles and cuddles and reassurance.

It never involves him being withheld from me beyond the scene. I am not left without touch or orgasm at all. Even if we leave without that happening we would go back ‘home’ and then we would bond back together physically.

Being the cuckcake

If you are not aware the cuckcake is essentially the person joining the couple who the man is going to fuck. She is a delicious addition to their bedroom. Many of these terms can be dehumanising. It is like being the Unicorn. I see so many couples looking for a unicorn but you can tell from the way they talk about it they have forgotten that the unicorn is a person too with needs and wants and desires. The scene needs to work for them just as much for the couple and they need to be treated with respect and cared for just like you would any partner.

I have never been the Cuckcake. Actually that is not strictly true, back in the summer of swinging I joined a couple on two occasions. One my partner was there for but not join in, just watched. That was hot and the second time was without him and whilst the couple were nice I didn’t enjoy it like I had on the other occasion. I definitely felt like I was part of the entertainment and after not long I decided to leave.

I must admit being the cuckcake is definitely something I would like to do at some point, I even wrote a piece inspired by that though, She wants to watch her husband fuck me, but I do think I am more nervous about that as I know that if I felt like once they had their fun they just wanted me to leave then that would not work for me. I have been the one being left behind and it was utterly brutal and I would never do that again. I would want to spend time together afterwards just relaxing and enjoying each others company rather than being hustled out the door or them hustling out the door. I need to feel like we were friends and I was valued for the time we spent together and the role I played.

So maybe one day, with the right people.

When I comes to either dynamic though I think it is really hard to achieve without one of other person ending up feeling upset unless it is part of an ongoing relationship dynamic that involves all 3 of you in some way. I have had that (I wrote about it in this post; You, Me, Her) and it was wonderful and perfect and we definitely played with the cuckqueening dynamic on a regular occasion and bloody hell was it all the HOT. Like multiple orgasm hot. Watching my partner fuck another person is absolute fire to me. I hope one day I get to indulging in cuckqueening again but if not I do have the hottest, happy and most precious memories to enjoy as well as my filthy imagination for what could possibly be.

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mywildlens March 15, 2023 - 6:06 pm

So much hotness in one post!

Monstrous Jaffa March 15, 2023 - 7:12 pm


It is undeniably true that watching your partner fuck, or be fucked, by another is a ridiculously hot thing to witness.

I think it feeds so many kinks, from voyeurism to submission and all points in between. But I also think it has a lot to do with compersion. That feeling of elation that comes from knowing your partner is in a state of joy because of the thing you are doing.

I also think you hit the nail on the head with saying “maybe one day, with the right people”. Having that connection that always all three of you to get the most from what should be an amazing experience is vital. And that connection will only be made through talking through what you all want and respecting each others wants and wishes.

I hope you do find that connection because if the experience matches your writing here I can’t wait to read about it.

Molly Moore March 17, 2023 - 12:42 pm

I totally agree. I need to think about the Compersion part. I used to find that easy and revel in it but that seems to have changed. I think I can only find Compersion when I feel like I am in some way involved or still honoured. Someone just going off and doing something that almost feels secret results in absolutely no compersion at all

Kenneth Benoit aka Benke March 15, 2023 - 7:27 pm

A very hot story. I would love to see my parter get fucked by another guy…but she is too vanilla.

Jade March 17, 2023 - 12:15 pm

Oh, Molly, sometimes I think we must share the same brain…you have captured so many of my own feelings on the topic. How I wish there wasn’t an ocean between us so we could…discuss…this topic more deeply! (insert that little devil emoji here lol) Such hotness, yes, but also, so challenging to get right! Sometimes I think the challenge enhances the heat factor for me. Lovely to read your thoughts, as always!

Molly Moore March 17, 2023 - 12:39 pm

That damn ocean!


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