Good Vibrators

by Molly Moore
Eris vibrator by Perlesque in the garden. A good vibrators

Hi, my name is Molly and I used to have a vibrator addiction.

Let me start off by saying that I do not say this with any kind of shame. I love sex toys and I do not believe there is anything wrong, shameful or damaging about using them. However for me vibrators became a problem when I realised that I couldn’t orgasm without one.

It was not something that happened overnight; more a gradual decline into mechanical dependence that started me with me using a vibrator now and then and ended with me having to use one all the time. And use them all the time I did. Wanking away in ignorant bliss of my lost finger ability. I can’t remember the exact circumstances around how I discovered I was addicted but when I did I was really quite upset. Vibrators are fabulous but what if you don’t happen to have one handy, or the one you have breaks, or a hundred other possible scenarios. No worries, that is what fingers are for right?

So I stopped using then. I banished the couple that I had away into a drawer and gave my body a vibrator break. It took about 3 weeks for me to find my finger mojo again. A week of no masturbating and then 2 weeks of coaxing my clit out from its cold turkey sulking. It was an oddly cathartic experience of reuniting my clit with my finger and one that I am very happy I did. Now I can make myself come whenever and wherever and trust me, I have definitely put that ability to damn good use.

As a result I am fairly vibrator shy. Not because I don’t like them, although many of them I don’t, but because I don’t ever want to become reliant on them again. I use them sparingly and to be honest over time I have found that they work for me less and less. Mainly because they over work things and the result is they either make me orgasm in a matter of seconds, which tends to leave me feeling like it didn’t really happen, or they get me to the edge but never passed it and I end up feeling numb and really fucking frustrated. I hate the numb clit thing too because then you have to wait for that go away before you can go again and finally get what you want.

I have tried a lot of vibrators. Over the years I have been sent a lot of them for review and most of them have bored me to tears, sometimes quite literally when the numb thing happens. Now when companies offer me vibrators for review I nearly always say no. I just don’t have the time or, quite frankly the interest, to make it worth anyone’s while. Now and then though one will catch my eye and I will accept it, or sometimes even hunt it out, because something about it appeals to me. Usually that is because it looks, new, different, innovative and/or interesting. Not all of these have been successful mind you. The Womaniser seemed to tick all those boxes but I hated the passive nature of it and how I had to hold it really still and in just the right spot to have any chance of having an orgasm. It is currently collecting dust on Michael’s bedside table.

There are some exceptions though most notably the Doxy. I am not sure calling it a vibrator does this beast of a sex toy justice. It is definitely the jumbo jet of vibrators, big, powerful and for me, always hits the mark. Yes it has a tendency to rip orgasms from my body at an intense and alarming rate but for us that is why it works. Oh and it often gets used to ease the ache in my post workout sore muscles. What other vibrator does that too?

Apart from the Doxy there are currently two other vibrators that feature in my life. The Revel Body Sol, you can watch my review here; Reveling in it. Sadly it is no longer in production but quite a few places still seem to have them in stock. One they are gone, they will be gone. As a result I intend to take very good care of mine because I really do like this strange little creation. It is brilliant in the bath, I have definitely had more baths since getting it and the best thing about it is it does not ever leave me feeling numb. I know many other bloggers couldn’t get on with this toy but I love it.

Finally, and most recently there is the Eris by Perlesque (review post, All Ears) despite the couple of manufacturing teething problems that seem to be a one-off in the model I got sent. I really love this little bundle of buzzing delight. I do like direct clitoral stimulation and the ears just worked for me. Also the ball-shaped base sits perfectly in my hand making it comfortable and easy to use. I will be absolutely honest when I got sent this I was fairly sure that it would end up in the basket with the other discarded disappointments. I was wrong about that.

I definitely don’t have a kink for vibrators; I like the three that I like. I use them now and then when I feel like it, or more often than not when he feels like it, but I don’t think I would miss them if they all vanished tomorrow (although that might not be true of the Doxy) but the same cannot be said of my large and varied collection of dildos. If I have a sex toy kink at all, excluding all the BDSM type toys, then it is definitely not for vibrators but for dildos, because the combination of a big solid dildo and my magic wanking finger always and I mean always makes me cum!

Ps… If you are interested in buying an Eris, or anything else from the Perlesque range you can get 10% off when you enter the code mollyx at checkout.

Eris vibrator by Perlesque in the garden

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Marie Rebelle July 27, 2016 - 6:33 pm

Oh the Doxy… don’t get me started on the Doxy. My absolute favorite, although nowadays the Womanizer Pro is definitely a close second. I have never been addicted to vibs, thankfully.

Rebel xox

Modesty Ablaze July 27, 2016 - 9:37 pm

Agreed . . . paras 2 to 5 . . . and, of course, 7. LOL !!!

But even . . . after recovering from a para-7-break . . . I miss the warm cuddles, soft kisses and dozing-off cradled in a lovers arms.
(I think that must be my “Kink of the . . .” well, of all the time really!!!

Xxx – K

Molly Moore July 28, 2016 - 12:12 am

Yes I am with you on the warm cuddles etc. Definitely a big thing for me


Mrs Fever July 27, 2016 - 11:09 pm

Luckily, I’ve not had an addiction, but I understand the overload and the “numb” frustrations. I’ve learned my thresholds for vibratory tolerance (it’s totally A Thing) now, and I’ve also learned the art of spanking my clit back to stimulation when I take my buzz (heh) too far.

I’m surprised at how many women seem to have love (lust?) affairs with their Hitachis. My limited experience with one was a little… Much. You listed several here, but Hitachi wasn’t one of them. I’m curious what your thought/experiences are with it.

Molly Moore July 28, 2016 - 12:11 am

The Doxy is like the Hitachi. We actually had an Hitachi in the USA but I was not very keen on it and we found that it had a real tendency to overheat at the drop of hat. That never seems to happen with the Doxy. I do love the Doxy but it is powerful beast so I like use it sparingly so that it does not numb me too much


sub-Bee August 3, 2016 - 8:51 pm

I completely forgot to mention that numb thing! I find I often get to the numb stage with vibrators before the orgasm stage, the Hitachi doesn’t give me that chance thankfully.


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