All Ears – Eris Rabbit Vibrator Review

By on July 18, 2016.

It has been a while since I have done a video review. To be honest the products I had been sent really just didn’t inspire me to want to share them with you. However, the Eris Rabbit Vibrator from Perlesque definitely does not fall into that category and so out came the video camera.

As you know I am not a huge vibrator fan. I was once addicted to them and could not orgasm without one. I spent 3 weeks weaning my body off them and as a result I use them sparingly. I now find they either irritate me as they over stimulate me too quickly so I am then numb and can’t come or they make me orgasm almost instantly, again leaving me numb and finished way to quickly. I was delighted to discover that The Eris did neither of these things and managed to find a place between my thighs that made me very happy.

As you will see from the video the one I was sent does have a couple of little flaws. I am assuming that is a result of early manufacturing teething problems and the company has offered to send me another one. I will update here when they do. However even with those little niggles I still really liked the Eris by Perlesque, not only did it work for me but I really liked the soft grey colour and the shape if it which sat perfectly in my hand. I really look forward to seeing where this company goes with its products in the future but for now the Eris has been added to my small but happy collection of vibrators that actually get me off.

Ps… If you are interested in buying an Eris, or anything else from the Perlesque range you can get 10% off when you enter the code mollyx at checkout.

*The Eris was sent to me for free by Perlesque in exchange for a fair review


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