Medical Musings

by Molly Moore
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The whole idea of being in one of those gynae chairs with my legs held open in the stirrups and being inspected, probed… what a word that is, probed by various things, fingers, instruments, talked about, notes taken. Is she good enough? She is wet. I wonder if two fingers will fit. I wonder what happens if we stimulate her nipples. Comments about me blushing or laughs when I whimper or groan. Taunts when I try to close my legs. Oh she is putting up a little struggle now. Cute and yet, as fingers are pushed back into my cunt, she appears wet, ready for more. She is a deviant despite her protests. Not any sort of medical procedure that actually happens, apart from in the dark recesses of my filthy mind.

It is all painfully humiliating. It makes me want to spit and snarl at him, at them. Or else turn my face away at the uncomfortableness of it all but that truth is I want it. So. damn. badly. They are right, I am wet and my cunt throbs between my legs. It is all my cunt that is driving this game. Showing me up as the pervert these men so rightly accuse me of being.

Sometimes I think my medical play kink is not really about the medical aspect but is actually an inspection kink or a ‘slut to be used’ kink. Is there an official name for that kink? It is not the thought of it being a doctor or a nurse. I mean it might be, but it is about the way I am treated and having things done to me. There is always that element of being talked about. That is a huge part of it for me. In fact it is a huge turn on for me no matter what. Having a partner talking about me while they touch or fuck me is always dynamite to me.

I have indulged in inspection play with a speculum in the past, Again, the hot part of that is being looked at, being made to feel that vulnerable and ‘open’ and then couple that with commentary, remarks about my cunt etc and just the thought of it makes me twitch.

I have also done a tiny bit of needle play. I don’t actually think that is part of a medical kink for me, it is about the sensation aspect for it. The same for medical staples, whilst they have the word medical in the title, it is about how they feel and the idea of using them to create sensation and enduring that rather than it being anything to do with the medicine aspect.

I thought about writing a piece of fiction for this kink but I realised I have already written two pieces that probably capture some of the key elements of medical play for me, the gynae chair and being used and the inspection kink and so I am going to link those below and if you want to read utter glorious filth related to this kink then that is where you should go next.

Inspection Part 1

Inspection Part 2

In Use – A Gang Bang Fantasy

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Bee August 21, 2023 - 9:37 pm

Yup, totally agree but I think you may already know that *laughs


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