Tickle My Fancy

By on October 21, 2013.

I am very ticklish. I love the soft tender strokes of his fingers across my back or over my armpits, a delicate feather like touch that makes me shiver as tiny little goose bumps alight across my skin. Or soft caresses that cover my buttocks and the back of my legs as I lay naked next to him in bed but neither of them are really tickling in the true sense of the word because to me tickling means torment, squeals of protest, wriggling to get away and a desperate struggle for breath.

I hate being tickled like that, it makes me tense and jumpy and yet despite that hate there is something about it, that complete loss of physical control that I guess pokes at my submissive nature. When his fingers are dancing across my skin like that I am physically completely at his mercy. It drains all my strength, not that I have much in comparison to his physical strength but when I being tickled I am just useless. I am squirming squealing rag-doll.

When I knew this was the kink of the week topic I asked Sir why he tickled me, why he seemed to take such great pleasure in doing something that sends me nuts and he said

“Because you are mine and I like playing with you”

Fuck that is hot, I thought

It wasn’t rehearsed or thought out, it was his immediate instinctive response. He likes playing with me and not just sexually. He likes to make me laugh, he likes to be silly and funny and he likes to tickle me and despite the fact that I will still squirm, kick, and struggle to get away until I can barely draw breath I think knowing that will mean that maybe I won’t hate it quite so much anymore.

Male hand reaching outMollyxxx

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  1. Yes that “Because you are mine and I like playing with you” is so hot. Sir has some nice hands too. I don’t think I would want to be tickled by them.

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