10 things not to say to your Dom

By on May 5, 2011.

5th May 2011

10 things you should never say to your Dom

Or maybe this should be titled, 10 things to say to your Dom that will guarantee you a sore arse

  1. Come on then big boy…..
  2. I don’t really feel like being your whore/fucktoy/slut tonight
  3. Yes sir, No sir, 3 bags full Sir (and saluting whilst saying ‘Yes Sir’ is definitely a very bad idea too)
  4. Shall I spank your bum and see how you like it?
  5. Get it yourself! (in reply to being instructed to fetch the whip/rope/cane/ belt etc)
  6. Is that it? (especially during or after a punishment)
  7. “Awww such a cute ickle Dom” or “What a good boy/Dom you are”
  8. “Come over here and make me”
  9. That’s not fair!
  10. Whatttttevvvvvvveeerrrrrrr!

Other gems that should be avoided are; making kissy noises when he is on the phone talking to his boss, telling him it’s good to see Him on his knees for a change while he is fixing the cat flap for you, and telling him what a NBD (naughty bad Dom) he is when he has forgotten to do something.

I have found that some of these said in a playful manner will probably only get me ‘the look’ but the last 3 on the list, I have learnt, are absolute no, no’s and number 10 is a sure fire way of getting myself an arse so sore that I can’t sit down comfortably for days.

Bit like this one…..but MUCH worse.




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    • OMG I think that might have to go in the ‘whateverrrrrrrrrr’ catergory……that sounds like throwing down the gauntlet to me, and i know if I did that he would pick it up and whip me with it.


  1. LOL Molly I will have to try all of them when I get the opportunity and see what the results are LMAO ohhh what fun. Hmmm wonder how long I will not be able to sit for.

  2. Molly, I know from personal experience that number 7 — even said in jest — gets me a spanking. And a variant of number 8 as well. I’ll take your word for it on the other eight. Unless I’m feeling naughty …

  3. Crazy how they don’t like to be told “it’s not fair” I have to confess it’s not fair and whatttteeevvveeerrrrr comes out of my mouth way to much for my own good 🙂

  4. Ooh! I just had an idea. Maybe you could do one called ’10 Things Doms Shouldn’t Say’. Here’s a freebie: ‘…And two for flinching’. 😀

  5. Hrhr, ja. variations of 2,7, and 8 have gotten me the worst punishments, and that one also got me one hell of a spanking…

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