Rocks-Off 10 Settings Unihorn Stardust

by Quinn Rhodes
woman's hand holding unihorn stardust vibrator

I am delighted to welcome another fabulous guest reviewer to my blog this week. Quinn kindly offered to try one of the Rock-0ff Unihorn Stardust that Rock-off sent to me and I was delighted to get back this truly fabulous review from her which is both fun and informative and beautifully written.

About Quinn

I’m Quinn of On Queer Street and @OnQueerStreet. I’m in my early twenties, and am a cis, bisexual woman, and a submissive-tending-switch. I only started exploring my sexuality very recently, and I had my first ever orgasm in 2017. I do find it very hard to come, however, even with intense clitoral stimulation, which I believe is in part due to the medication (anti-depressants) I currently take. I was honoured when Molly asked me to review a vibrator for her, but also a bit nervous because I’d never successfully used one to orgasm myself.

Who are you? (About the toy)

Unihorn stardust Rocks Off in packaging

The clitoral vibrator in question’s full title is the Rocks-Off 10 Settings Unihorn Stardust. Here are some key specifics:

  • It is a rigid, plastic toy.
  • It has a circumference of 4.5 inches, an insertable length of 3.5 inches, and a total length of 4.5 inches.
  • It is fully submersible and 100% waterproof, though I haven’t tested this.
  • It uses targeted simulation and has 10 vibrating and pulsing functions.
  • It is battery operated, and runs on just one AAA battery.

It’s also super cute, and looks like a tiny, shiny unicorn horn! I refer to it as the Unicorn from this point onwards, as this is how I refer to it now it has moved into my bag of sex toys.

Nice to meet you, little unicorn! (First impressions)

I was super excited to receive the Unicorn, and found it pretty and not unnecessarily packaged. It took me a while to work out how to turn it on – my first instinct was to take the toy, press buttons and press it against my clit – but eventually worked out that unscrewing the top and removing a small piece of paper that was acting as an insulator on the battery was all I needed to do. The unicorn is shiny, and very light. I was initially unsure how I would feel about the metallic plastic shell, but it felt sleek and smooth to hold. I was really excited to try it.

How can I play with you, O unicorn? (User experience)

I had a lot of fun playing with all the unicorn’s different settings:  teasing myself with the patterns where the vibrations increased in intensity and then stopped. The unicorn has only one button, in a nice easy place to press. Repeatedly clicking the button will take you up through the settings, and as those who had been sensible enough to read the instructions before playing with it will know, turning it off is as simple as holding the button down for three seconds. I did find that I couldn’t use it in my favoured masturbation position – namely on my front with my hand or my toy under me. The rigidity of the unicorn means that in this position I couldn’t angle the targeted tip of the vibe against my clit in that position, but that was easy to change positions. On its lowest setting it is fairly quiet, though is quite a bit louder on its highest setting. However, at that point I am usually quite loud myself, so I think it’s my moans rather than the vibrator’s buzzing that would disturb my flatmates.

How did the unicorn feel? (Overall impressions)

Before I received the unicorn, I’d never had an orgasm during solo play. A partner’s fingers could get me off, but my own attempts with fingers or toys proved unsuccessful. Now though? Now I’ve had several wonderful orgasms with the unicorn. I find that being able to target the vibe’s intense, continuous buzzing directly on my clit, combined with the ease of being able to move the small toy in tiny circles, makes for very effective orgasms. It is a brilliant toy.

Who else should play with the unicorn? (Recommendations)

To me, the thing which stood out about the unicorn was the fact it’s spiral-to-a-point design means that I could get very pin-point precision on my clit. It would also be great for those who enjoy intense buzzy sensations. Due to this, and as it has given me several very satisfying orgasms, I think I would recommend the toy to those who need a lot of intense stimulation to come.

Some questions for me from the unicorn! (Ratings)

Am I affordable? At under £20, I think it’s definitely worth you’re definitely worth the money. I’ll give you four stars.

What do you think of my design and construction? You were very pretty and appealing to use, and with easy-to-click buttons and a very focused tip I thought you were fab. Four and a half stars.

How easy was I to use? I had a little difficulty with exactly how rigid you were – there’s obviously a point between, but it took me a while to find a position that was comfortable for my hand to hold you in an effective position. I think I’ll award three stars.

How would you rate your orgasms with me? Very satisfying. Please have four and three-quarter well-deserved stars.

Sadly this product is no longer available but i recommend you try the Rocks Off Prism Rainbow Vibrator instead

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