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Pretty In Pink

close up marco shot of pussy vulva

31st May 2011

I have been told that my pussy is pretty and also very neat but like most woman I don’t always see that. Over the years it has definitely changed, the arrival of children was probably the main cause of that but then I was also lucky, I had a fairly easy birth, no tearing and no stitches meant that actually I got off pretty lightly.

I didn’t used to be shaved, but then I didn’t used to love my pussy, in fact I would go as so far as to say I didn’t know my pussy, not like I do now. In recent years I have studied it more than ever before and come to know it so very intimately not just by sight but even more so by touch. I know every inch of how it feels.

I love my pussy. The outer lips sits like puffy little protectors that hide what lies inside, protecting and revealing all at the same time. They are velvety smooth. Sometimes they appear firmly closed as if hiding a secret and at others they open to show what treasure hides beneath them.

My clit sits proudly at the top, half hidden by its little hood of skin that when sleepy and silent lays puckered over the top but when hot and throbbing appears to get pushed back as my clit emerges out to play. The skin across my clit feels delicately thin which gives it an interesting sheen in the light. It is a subtle little pink but if used and abused can turn into an angry red bud of throbbing electricity that is connected to the inner walls of my pussy by magic little strings of desire.

The inner lips are visible at the top but disappear into the delicate little folds