The Great Wall Of Vagina

by Molly Moore

31st May 2011

What do you call yours; Vagina, lady bits, cunt, vag, pussy, hoo hoo, down there, vajayjay, cunny, kitty, fanny (for American readers, fanny in the UK is your pussy not your arse) beaver, quim, muff, poonany, snatch, or maybe front bottom?

Mine is my pussy, although I have been known to use the term vag and at moments when I feeling particularly filthy and slutty I can then be heard to call it my cunt. I think the one on that list I hate the most is, front bottom, there is just something about that name that makes me shudder, maybe it’s the implication of it being the same as your arse, which it certainly is not, that somehow leaves me cold, but whatever it is you call it, it is uniquely and individually yours.

They are all different, just like we as people are all different, every single one is a unique little part of you but yet in recent years there has been an increasing media perception of the ‘perfect vagina’ which has resulted in a marked increase in the amount of woman who are turning to surgery to improve the look of their bits.

As a mother, I find this a worrying trend, both for my son and daughter to be honest. For either of them to grow up thinking that their genitals are in some way not ‘normal’ or desirable would make me very sad. I have tried very hard to ensure that they both have a positive self-image, of their characters and their bodies but I guess this subject is most relevant to my daughter. I would hate to think as she grows up and matures into a woman she would look at that part of herself that is truly beautiful and see something else, maybe even ugliness, but many women do think exactly that.

It seems that many woman look at what lays between their thighs and feel insecure about what they see, or even worse don’t look at all, because it is a part of their body they have been taught, by various influences, is not something beautifully and a source of pleasure but something dirty and private. I have been shocked at the number of woman who look at themselves and see fault with their pussy. The lips are too big, my clit is too big/small, it is not neat, it looks weird, etc, etc….but how can that be, I mean what does the ‘perfect vagina’ actually look like? If you have any idea, do let me know as this is something I remain totally mystified about. Surely like all human bodies, they come in various shapes, sizes, colours, designs, etc but yet all in their own special way are beautiful, they are a miracle of genetics and each and everyone one should be celebrated as such.

Your pussy, or whatever you call it, is beautiful. I don’t believe there is any such thing as a perfect pussy; they are all unique and all wonderful in their own way. Yes, they change over time, the event of child-birth is probably the main contributing factor to long-term change but also age, usage, health and time of the month can alter the way it looks too. I wonder when was the last time you got a mirror and had a good look at yours.

I recently came across this amazing piece of art work by Jamie McCartney called The Great Wall Of Vagina. He has spent the last 5 years taking casts of woman’s vagina and has created this massive sculpture that features 400 different casts set into 10 panels of 40 casts per panel. Like me Jamie, was also perturbed by the amount of woman who seemed to have a negative view of their genitals or who seemed completely unaware of the fact that no two are ever the same. His sculpture features casts from woman aged 18 – 76, mothers and daughters, sisters and even twins, as well as examples of both female to male and male to female transsexuals, although he was disappointed to have not been able to find someone who had been the victim of female genital mutilation to take part.  “I spent the entire 5 years seeking a victim of female genital mutilation who would like to be included but sadly without success. The more inclusive and complete I could be in this survey the more power this sculpture would be.”

The sculpture is currently being featured at The Brighton Fringe Festival until the end of this month. I would love to have gone to see it, I am hopeful that at some point in the future I shall. I think it is a truly inspired and powerful piece of artwork and one day I shall also make sure that is something both my children get to see. If you click on the image above it will take you  to The Great Wall Of Vagina site, I really do hope you take the time to go and look and read all about it and I also highly recommend the video clips on the page as well, they really help to give you a sense of the artist and his motivation behind this extraordinary project.

However, before you do, please read on for just a little bit more as I am hoping that together maybe we can create our own celebration of this amazing part of the female form. When I first started writing this post, it was intended to be a piece purely about ‘The Great Wall of Vagina’ but as I worked on it my own thoughts on the matter started to take shape and an idea was born. Why stop at this piece of art work as a celebration, why not use it to encourage more women to celebrate the beauty that lays tucked away between their thighs by trying to create a mini blogging version. The more women who feel comfortable and accepting how their pussy looks and realising that they are all so very different is surely a good thing and so I have a challenge for you.

To all you bloggers out there…..

Tell me about your pussy. Below are a list of possible questions you might like to consider, but they are only suggestions to help get you thinking, you don’t have to follow them to the letter, in fact I am hopeful you won’t, what I would really like to see is your own thoughts and feelings about your pussy.

What do you call it? How do you feel about it? Do you accept it as a beautiful part of you or maybe you are not so sure? What do you think about the concept of the ‘perfect vagina’? Would you ever have surgery on it, or maybe you already have, why? Has anyone ever complimented you on your pussy? Do you shave it, or do you like it au natural? Describe it to me?

If you are brave enough please do post a picture of your pussy but if not, then describing it and how you feel about it is just as good. This is not restricted to female participants either, if you are a male blogger then maybe you might have a partner you could feature, and if not then write a piece about what you think is beautiful about pussies.

Once you have published your post, come back here and add you link to list and then download the button, or grab the code for the button, to link your post back to this project. That way it will serve as an ongoing collection of posts.

To all you non bloggers…

If you don’t have a blog but would still like to be part of this project then you can always send me a picture and/or a piece of writing to [email protected] and I will publish them here on my blog and link them into this project.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you choose to publish, word or pictures or a combination of the two are all acceptable but remember, this is meant to be positive, accepting, healthy, interesting, educational and as I have already said, most of all it should be celebratory in its nature.

I really do hope that over time this project will take off and that the number of contributors will increase as it becomes more widely known. I intend for this to be an ongoing project, and have created a permanent page on my blog to house all the links and I would really love to see all you sex bloggers contributing to this in your own unique styles.  I hope that in the end it can create a really positive picture of the glorious pussy.

I am calling it The Pussy Pride Project.


Ps… You can find the page for this project where you can link in and get the Pussy Pride button, HERE.

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