I love my cunt

by Molly Moore
Cropped black and white image of mollys cunt

I have been writing this blog for over 13 years. I have written about all sorts subjects relating to my body, sex, sexual identity, kink and non-monogamy. I have written about cock (I admit I have written a lot about cock. I am not sorry) but also hands, smell, knives, bruises, pain, bisexuality, periods, the list is long and varied but one subject that I have written about over the years many many time is my cunt.

I have written about things that make me cunt ache. How I like it to be touched. I have written fantasies about having it being inspected and lots of real life stories about it getting fucked. I have written about how it smells. About shaving and then about growing my bush. I have written about periods, peri-menopause and HRT. I think I can confidently say my fabulous cunt has been thoroughly explored over the years in my words and of course my pictures here

So what is there to say after 13 years of vulva talk? That is a good question and why when I was planning out my content for February Photofest and the current kink of the week I had pretty much decided to post a picture. I had the perfect one all ready to go. What can I possible say about my cunt that has not already been said? But then I realised that even after all these years of blogging and the fact it is 2023 there is still so much taboo surrounding the subject of vulva’s and vaginas, especially when it comes to changing, ageing and people loving and accepting their body parts, there is always space for more words.

Vulva Vocabulary

I am 50 years old. My cunt has changed. Even what I call it has changed. 13 years ago when I started this blog is was most definitely my pussy. It just felt right but somewhere along the way it changed to my cunt. Pussy felt too cutesy. Cunt is such a strong word, more confronting and demanding. Even when you say it, it feels strong in your mouth, unashamed and bold. I think as my relationship with my vulva changed, as I became those exact things, bolder and less ashamed so the name I called it changed too. Just to be clear I don’t hate the word pussy. I still use it from time to time and Michael uses it often too and I don’t mind. Actually I like it when he says it. It feels right and sounds sexy coming from his mouth.

I think writing sex has also just made me more comfortable with the language around body parts and developed my vocabulary. I saw someone the other day saying the word vulva should never be in erotic writing but I think they are wrong and if you read my word you will notice that sometimes it appears, same for vagina. When you are writing filth you do have to change it up word wise but I am a much bigger fan of words like hole, folds, heat, wetness, lips than things like, womanhood and ‘her essence’.

Hairy Hoo-ha

Once upon I was all about the pubes. Up to my early 30’s I had pubes and then trimming led to more trimming and then a bit of shaving here and there until eventually it was all gone. I did love being shaved back then. I liked how it felt and I liked how it looked. I kept it that way for a long time but I kept seeing images of woman with pubic hair, the little landing patches and so I decided to let it grow a bit. It’s funny, as just how I ended up shaving, a bit of a trim, a bit more etc. That was kind of how I ended up growing it back. Firstly letting a little covering grow on my mons but still shaving the rest, keeping it short with clippers, then letting that grow in more then not really shaving for a bit but keeping it short until eventually here we are back to at a full furry fanny and I bloody love it. I love how it looks and I love how it feels. I love running my fingers through it and kind of tugging on it and I also love not ever having to shave. No more shaving rashes, in growing hairs etc. It feels freeing but also womanly.

Menopause Minge

I am currently on HRT. As I was still having my periods I am on the type that basically mimics your natural cycle. The down side of that is I have my period every month. The upside of that is I have my period every month. Wait what? Well it is always a pain in the arse, actually a literal pain in the uterus but as I learned to not be ashamed of my period I actually developed a strong love for it. It made me feel alive and raw, there was something earthy and almost reverent about it. Once day when it does eventually stop I know I will mourn it’s passing whilst also celebrating not having to deal with it too. For now though, it shows up, regular as clock work

The menopause has bought about other subtle changes though. I find if I am not careful I get sore more easily and I have noticed that the skin of my vulva is a bit more delicate and prone to tearing than it was. I have never been a big user of lube, I actually found that something it made things too slippery for me and that I liked that slight friction, maybe even needed it to come, but that seems to have changed and I am reaching for the lube a bit more often now.

The other change is in regards to my orgasm and this one surprises me but I seem to be able to orgasm more easily. My orgasm has, in the past, been a bit persnickety. Mostly I could only come is I was laying down on my back or reclined. I found it really hard to come standing up and impossible on my front but that seems to have changed and I just seem to be able to come more easily than I used to. I have no idea why or what has changed but it is definitely not something I am complaining about.

Future fanny

We change, all throughout our lives our bodies change. Things happen to us like, puberty, child birth, menopause and other health related things and alongside that we age. I have struggled with the ageing part at times but of late I am feeling more comfortable with it, embracing it more. My 50’s are a whole new decade to explore both as a person and within my body. I am very privileged to have that opportunity. Many don’t. I plan to live as best and happy life and to love and enjoy my body including my beautiful wonderful cunt as best I can and that includes writing about it and creating art of it.

We have done 50 years together and I love my cunt with an unashamed passion.

 black and white image of mollys cunt
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James February 7, 2023 - 6:29 pm

I love your open, authentic, horniness about what is such an amazing organ. To explore the folds of so many different cunts is a delight for me. To caress, smell, lick, flick and bite a pussy is something I love to get lost in and hearing all the moans, groans and sighs of pleasure from my receiver lets me know I can just stay there between her legs for longer.

James https://ethicalrelating.com

James February 7, 2023 - 6:37 pm

You have inspired an erotic story at https://skinmap.co.uk/blog/f/lovely-cunts

Kenneth Benoit aka Benke February 7, 2023 - 8:53 pm

Hi there.Mollly. I love this episode of your blog..I love to use my fingers to explore a cunt. Do spread those folds very gently, to bury my face in a cunt. Smell that sweet smell. To lick in between each fold and layer, to explore the inside with my tongue. And fingers To nibble on the clit, lick the clit and taste those delicious cunt juices that eventually flow.

mywildlens February 10, 2023 - 2:18 pm

I love reading about the ways people have journeyed with their cunts, and celebrate them in different ways. Yours is beautiful.

Bee March 13, 2023 - 9:18 pm

I’m with you on this, I love my cunt and we’ve been in a journey and continue to do so, cunts really are amazing things!


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